A meme to explain advantages of crypto to a FIAT user

crypto economy advantage meme.jpg

Here is the original meme on https://www.memehub.lol

I am sharing this meme on my twitter to spread the word about crypto, steemit and memehub.lol
Here is the link

Economics is tough to explain and even harder is to explain the advantage to crypto to a fiat user

I am not an economist but I am a meme creator who wants to use the power of memes to

With this intent I am doing these meme posts.

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and a meme is worth a lot more for it can communicate a lot more with a picture and a few words.
In no time a meme can go viral and carry the message far and wide.

Investing into memes

So here I am investing my time, energy and resources to crete and propogate meme's.
Through these memes I am trying to propogate crypto https://steemit.com and https://www.memehub.lol

Call to action

Guys it is time to get onto https://steemit.com if you are not already on it.
If you are then create , read and share the content on this wonderful platform.

If you like to smile and enjoy a laugh then https://www.memehub.lol is juyst the palce for you.
Do visit it for lots of wonderful memes that would surely make you smile and laugh
Show your love and spread it by sharing it on any social media platforms you may be using.
Below each meme you get the social media bar to share the meme through your social media account


Here are a few interesting memes I discovered I bring to you from the ever flowing fresh and interesting supply of fresh memes on https://www.memehub.lol

Here is a curvaceous meme from memehub


Ani S blames dating blues to Vodka with a share worthy meme


This is not all there are a lot more interesting memes from where these came from that is https://www.memehub.lol

It is time to get your business on to steemit

If you have a business and not on steemit,com then you are missing out on a big opportunity to connect with a large audience out there.
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fiat inflation is too much now a days

Yes and specially with the current global economic scenario crypto , blockchains and a decentralized economy gives us a glimmer of hope

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This is getting interesting like the @giphy thing

Good one @thetimetravelerz :)

upvote on the way. lol

Thanks 4 stopping by buddy glad if I could make u smile

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