Do not blame it on Love : A meme to spread a smile, steem(it) & memehub

Guys do not blame it on love

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My post on

Well guys the world has plenty of problems already and we need to take a few moments to take a break to smile, unwind and share a lighter moment.

What better place it do than and

I am doing my bit to support and spread the word about these 2 wonderful platforms through memes.

I am trying to create awareness about and on social media platforms like twitter so that a l and
so that more people get onboard .
Hope my 3000 plus twitter followers get on board here:)

Talking about meme's to bring you cheer here is another one from


So there is plenty of interesting content on

Let us together spread the word about steemit and

Please share and resteem and let us get more and more people onboard


lets take this idea far & wide

Thanks for stopping by

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like the idea do not blame it on love

Thanks for your views

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Enjoy and keep supporting

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I have upvoted and resteemed

Thanks for your support

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