[ANN] MEMEIT.LOL - Create New Viral Content Today!

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Hello everyone, this is @gktown. I have been on Steemit for almost 1 year, and in that time I have been a witness, a dev, and an author. My goal is to create a fun, inclusive atmosphere for new and longtime users. I believe that the Memeit.LOL team and I are well on our way to realizing this goal.

What is Memeit.LOL?

Memeit.LOL is a creative platform you can use to create your own meme and post it on the Steem Blockchain. This content is then reviewed by Memeit Moderators to determine which memes get published and which memes get hidden. Moderation is based on the authors use of humor, satire, and proper usage of the meme.

How is this Better than something like Dmania?

By forcing the use of templates and creation, we avoid massive plagiarism that is afforded by custom image uploads.
We have an ever expanding list of memes to choose from, and will soon add stickers and more font styling options.

How are Memes Ranked?

Currently we have a small team of moderators, but we plan to expand this system to include all users who delegate atleast 50 SP. Moderators will be able to view all the submitted memes (except for their own) and give consideration to memes before they are voted. Memes are scored by points -- Accept = +1 Score + Upvote / Decline = -1 Score. We do not downvote posts, if they are bad, we simply ignore them and do not publish them.

How Can I Get Invovled?

You can get involved as an author by making a meme post, or comment on Memeit.lol/post
Delegators can receive rewards by delegating at least 50SP on Memeit.lol/supporters
Moderators are enabled to moderate posts by delegating atleast 50SP. (Coming Soon)
Developers can contact us on Discord https://discord.gg/QgWZfcJ

How Are Rewards Split?

  • Memeit Author 75%
  • Memeit Core 10%
  • Delegators 4% * 3 per post.
  • Moderators 1% * 3 per post

How Do I Make a Post on Memeit?

  1. Login to https://memeit.lol using your posting key. (Steemconnect login)
  2. Click "Create a Post" in the top right corner.
  3. Use the Meme Editing Canvas to create your image.
  4. Title and add tags to your meme.
  5. Submit!

How Much Can I Make?

Memes that make it past moderators are currently making about $1, although some have made as much as $20.
Once our moderation team is open to all delegators over 50sp, you will likely see a large increase in upvotes due to moderator voting.

While taking on 9gag is a great goal, Memeit aims to share steem with the world through an easy to use webapp that even new users can use to have fun, profitably.

Welcome to the Future of Memeing - Memeit.LOL


Good timing!

It wasnt planned, I assure you :P

yup - true.

@memeit.lol This is a thing that need to be evaluated. Even when I have to delegate SP; but I would like to try it. Let me think it.

Thank you for your consideration @idestroy
Memeit.lol is in open-beta. If you find a bug and you want it squashed,
post a picture & description in discord https://discord.gg/QgWZfcJ (channel: bugs)

Logged in, posted from the app and delegated. Good luck with this endeavor. Competition is a great thing to push everyone further!

Platform meme in the future!

Welcome Memeitlol, as we are looking forward to it greatness soonest! 😁

oh its great alternative of dmania
best wishes.
thanks for sahring dear.

Thanks @moon-girl Welcome to Memeit.LOL!

The future of Meme'n is back!

keep spirit and keep create meme

I really like this as opposed to something like dmania. I have yet to ever sell or give out delegation but this is something I might try to do it for because it sounds like it's really done right.

Thanks gktown. Keep up the good work yo!

Thanks for the vote of confidence @drpuffnstuff !

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@memeit.lol, congratulations on making your first post! I gave you a $.05 vote!
Will you give me a follow? I'll follow you back in return!

I am new in this platform. I also want to grow up account. I think this post really help me to grow my account. Thanks a lot for sharing this article. Wish I all the best.


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It is so very primitive. I joined it. But, there is no option for changing the size of the text. No preview to see if the post is looking right. No tutorial instructions like what do you mean by:
Add title or Add text and Add more text. No options to change the color of the text. No creativity yet. I think it would be very soon to start challenging dmania or other tools right now.

I signed up and tried to make one but I was getting errors....

Hey @shawnsporter, try it now. We've had several updates since 3 days ago.

I love your proposal very novel. Since laughter is the best medicine for the soul. Good luck.

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Today is dMania day. And you publish this post, it cannot be a coincidence

AND This is NOT good.


R u zombee?
I think; Most probably

Usually people think I'm @good-karma but No I am not @zombee.

I joined Steemit May 28 '17 with the help of @sykochica she helped me join by paying the fee at anonsteem because Steem accounts were taking over 2 weeks to be made.

I created memeit.lol with my team when I decided that it would be more fun to share original memes using meme makers than uploading plagiarized memes from random places online.

Steem is all about creating something new.

Created in same week as droucil
is this a coincidence too?



It is not dMania day, it is the day, that someone unloaded some dirt on dMania.

He is not zombee . dont think everyone is committing a crime on the platform. @spotlight is a very long time on the platform

Lol! He is not zombee! He is @spotlight

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We did not ask to Zombee, and We know what happened.
I'm just questioning.
but someones do not tolerate different voices.
trying to silence different ideas with flags.

I am not in an environment where there is such an over reaction
I hope it will be good for you.

Hey, don't drag me into this! I registered with the regular steem way. But by 7 days no account was created so I reached out and found @gktown. He was gracious enough to spare 6 steem to create my account. You can believe what you want I'm fine with that. But spreading rumors is not right, and not good for steem (in my opinion). If people don't know for sure, don't spread it. Did anyone ever tell you to not spread rumors?

You are showing that you know very little about this project. @murattatar
Spotlight delegates 8000 SP to this project and opts out of all rewards.
@gktown has been an active dev working in collaboration with Lead Developer @kennybll since December on www.resteemit.com a project with 99% postive feedback supporting over 3000 unique users per month - Vote Distribution

Now they're bringing you Memeit.LOL a project that encourages active content creation, downloading and sharing of memes.

Supported by @resteemable active witness with over 294 votes.

Please show us some respect as we have been working hard to make these platforms and support the adoption of Steem & SBD.

Can I believe I want?
Anonsteem is Not good. Thats it; For Example: Zombee's multi accounts.

I used it to create some accounts. Now I use Steemconnect. Whats the problem?

That is a dumb conclusion, one bad person used it... Only bad people use it.


@murattatar you can see there are multiple people here vouching for Gktown . If you want to discuss this I have a personal discord and I can prove to you he isn't zombee. Thanks!

I dont understand how to make this work, Im writing extreamly good content and dedicating a lot of my time to this but for example my latest post was seen by 9 people?! why?? https://steemit.com/sports/@alanwurman/controversial-cancion-fifa-2018-pondra-a-prueba-tus-conocimientos-futbolisticos