Memeit.LOL Moderation, MemeScore, and Rewards Breakdown

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Becoming a Moderator on Memeit.LOL

Moderators on Memeit run the show. They decide what gets voted and what gets hidden. They do this because there are rewards in doing this work. Every time a user makes a meme they make an opportunity for moderators to get ModScore.

ModScore is Proof of Work style count of all your moderation input. If you accept or decline a meme, you get +1 ModScore. Most importantly moderators votes go toward building a posts MemeScore.

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What is MemeScore?

Simply put, MemeScore is our answer to deciding what memes rock, and what memes suck. Every moderator has the opportunity to move the score of a meme by 1 point in either direction. Alternatively they can ignore the meme, which removes it from the moderators list and does not effect the score.

While moderating, you can click accept on a meme and it will increase its MemeScore by 1. If you click decline on a meme, it will reduce its score by 1. Declining a meme does not mean you will downvote a meme. It simply means you didn't laugh, or the meme wasn't made correctly or wasn't up to your standards.

By giving your input, moderators come to a level of consensus that the meme is or isnt funny, or worthy of upvoting. It wouldnt be a PoW system if it didnt have a competitive rewards structure.

Rewards Breakdown

75% => Authors that create memes.
10% =>
3 * 4% => Supporters (Unlocked by Delegating 50 SP or More)
3 * 1% => Moderators (Unlocked by Delegating 50 SP or More)


Authors create memes which are scored for 24 Hours. Memes with a postive MemeScore are published on Memeit.LOL and able to be upvoted/commented on using memes. Meme replies (Memeplies) can lead to fun and interesting conversations not possible in normal text.


Lol.Pay is Memeit.LOL's core account. Rather than always powering down to recieve funds directly, we plan to offer a Memeit.LOL votebot that can only upvote posts/comments created by Memeit.LOL Due to this exclusivity we can guarantee good profits for users once the account gains a good amount of Steem. The way that happens is by making lots of high payout memes. While Memeit.LOL reserves the right to these funds, we are going to work to make a good opportunity for our users.

Delegator Rewards

Delegators gain a passive income stream by delegating 50 or more SP with -- Similar to Dmania's Chosen One system, we offer 3 beneficiary reward spots for delegators on every post. How often you gain the reward is dependent on how much SP you delegate to

Moderator Rewards

Moderators gain ModScore in 24 hour cycles. If you accept/decline all the memes in a 24 hour period you will gain the maximum ModScore points available at this time. In the future we will look at adding ModScore points to reward other actions as well. Your rewards are calculated based on your activity as a Moderator on Memeit. ModScore resets every day, the reward %'s are locked in and the moderators gain beneficiary rewards the following day.

Memeit Community Development

Memeit is an open source project, working in collaboration with Utopian. Our goal is to create a fun and educational environment for developers of all skill levels. We support our developers in creating their Utopian submissions and finding meaningful work within the project. If you want to get involved with opensource development, please contact lead developer, @kennybll or @gktown on Discord.

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meme warzz

It's like a dream work. Making money on memes

Wow, welcome to once again guys, this post is very explanatory and makes memeit more transparent in their doings :)

This post was very useful to me and I thank you for explaining about the meme score. In my opinion this will eliminate alot of spam post and vote begging, not to mention what it will do to stop plagiarism. Can not tell you how happy I am to feel like my efforts will be not falling on deaf ears. I find to be user friendly and a refreshing addition to the block chain. Thank you!

Finally! a worthy stage for real meme wars lol.
Now people will strive to be really creative and funny when posting memes since they are being scored, this will bring the quality of memes to a higher level. Kudos to everyone involved in this project!

Also using bots will be useless to gain visibility.
As a mod, I will downvote memes with a too high payout.
Would be good to see the comment section of each meme to really see if the meme uploader used a bot.

Thanks for your devotion into making the community a better place :)

I a gree with you...

using moderators won't scale well... I would use a combination of net_votes + moderators or maybe net_votes/view

The future is finally here for Meme's may the best meme win.

Wow this is cool. I will join the discord and check out the website because it sounds like a great way to view quality memes. I am also happy to see quality will be rewarded. I would like to translate a summary of this post into a few other languages, citing the original source of course.
I have two questions,
First may I summarize and translate your post and
Second, would it be okay to cite the post through a link NOW so people come here for more information while you can still get paid or should I wait for seven days, so this is the sole source of this information for seven day?

I am just going to paste the address of your post below, so I can easily find it later: