MemeIt.LOL - Promo Video

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Here is a promo video for It was made by @kennybll with <3. Here's our announcement: . We are an open source platform in the making, try to bring laugh and giggles to steem, while trying to slow down plagerism. We also have a vote bot willing to accept delegations as well. Here is our official discord server:

▶️ DTube

best alernative option for dmenia, @kennybll thank you guys for making this.

Honestly I wish he kept it open. Good competition aims for good quality. We will still try to continue to bring a great product to steem :)

I'm ready for to take my body! lol
The meme world is about to be shaken up with what I have in mind.
cackles loud!

something new. wish you all the best

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Go Memeit!
Nice :)

Keep up the good work 👏

@creativeidea says It's a great step for the creative meme creator. Thanks, creating this amazing platform for new steemians.

is thisn the next dmania?

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Why cant we just upload our own memes...

Is there a way?


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