Steem surely is going to challenge Facebook and Libra!

in #memes2 years ago

Andrew said so. It must be so. People will wake up one day and be acutely aware of their self-interest, ditch Facebook and  their currency for at least privacy reasons, turn on DuckDuckgogo and find as alternative. It's not half as good and by a magnitude as convenient, but surely the masses will not blindly support a dystopian future just like that. Surely steemit will be the one platform in the sea of failing crypto social-media unicorns. The  price is just being manipulated by evil whales wanting to  steal from you and make you sell for artificially low prices. Keep powering up! Dont't fall for the deception of the whales, this is a great currency. We will soon see prices again that can sustain a dedicated bloggers life! I personally can't wait to pay someones dinner by upvoting a cute cat pic. 

Prove me wrong!
(Protip: You can't)

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