Meme short story contest with @vheobong

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Shout out to all the meme lovers and creators in the building, it's time we shook this space with some mind blowing content and as such @vheobong brings to you : MEME SHORT STORY CONTEST and the theme is "The awkward date"


The contest

  • write a short story with not more than 10 memes on your blog
  • The post title should be "Meme short story contest with @vheobong: The awkward date"
  • upvote and resteem this post
  • post the link to your entry in the comment section
  • use "memeshortstory" as your first tag
  • be creative and have fun

5sbd Reward Pool

Being the first edition, I'll be giving out 5 sbd to two people but rewards would definitely be more as the contest gains traction.

  • I'll chose the first winner of 3sbd
  • participants choose the second winner of 2sbd. Each participant is supposed to nominate a winner by commenting "vote" under their favorite entry. (participants only)
  • contest ends on Saturday 7th July 2018 and winners would be announced the following day

This contest was inspired by @oneperson (the meme guy)
Bring it on!!!


Glad to be the first person to hop in on the contest... My humble entry

Anty is back oo
Memes of fleek🏃🏃🏃

Baby boo, we die here

Go baby!

Thanks dear

Oshay.... Count me among

I'm laughing already

My story in a bit. Great stuff.

I'm looking forward to it


and no one told me
anxiously waiting for next round

Still on though

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