Good Ol' Remedies from my mother! (Part 8 of my mom's story - Last part)

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Enjoy the following section with some of Evelyn's remedies on leading a healthy life. Thank you for staying with me and reading along with this story of Ev's journey over the decades.


I asked my mom to jot down her TOP basic remedies that over the years, she has counted on and that just might have contributed to her healthy long life! Here's some for the home-life, personal care, and even a remedy for a charley horse.

Here are the top ten she has shared:

  1. Baking soda - Keep a box in the fridge (now I know this is pretty basic, but sometimes the basics slip away from us, and they really do some good) And Ev gives us three more uses for Baking Soda that she swears by!

  2. When boiling broccoli she puts a pinch of baking soda in water. Helps eliminate bloating and gas that you may get after eating the broccoli.

  3. Baking soda in the sink for 10 minutes, then run hot water down the drain for a couple of minutes. This keeps the sink and pipes fresh, says Ev!

  4. Soaks hair brushes and combs in warm water. She sprinkles some baking soda and soaks for 10 minutes. She says to rinse out good and let dry for clean, fresh brushes!

  5. Now on to witch hazel: Can be good for pain relief. She rubs on legs, especially after a charley horse. (I will have to try this one if I get a charley horse)

  6. Uses Witch Hazel as an astringent for her face.

  7. Table Salt: Good for rinsing your mouth after brushing your teeth at night.

  8. Also, good for soaking your feet. She soaks her feet in salt and warm water for 20 minutes once a month.

  9. Mouthwash (Ev uses Listerine) and water every morning after brushing teeth.

  10. Epson salt is another foot soak Ev swears by. She uses 1/2 pan water and 1/4 cup Epson Salt and soaks her feet for 30 minutes once a month.

Now, these very basic tips may not be for everyone, but for the 96 years my mother has been living, they are simple remedies that she has relied on. Consistency, basics, and determination seem to help keep her going, despite her osteoporosis, arthritis, and 2 broken hips over the last 10 years or so of her life.

However, I did ask my mother what she felt contributes to her living well into her nineties. Here's what she had to say, plain and simple, "Tap Water! I had tap water all my life. I exercise and walk a lot. And I worked. I worked from 1940 to 1991 (after husband passed on). And I enjoyed it and got a paycheck!"

So there it is. A peek at my mom's life and a few tips from her as well! Thanks for reading my interviews with Ev and the information I've compiled on her life. So interesting to think about how life has changed and fun to imagine living so many years ago.

I think everyone should interview a parent if they can at some point and discover some interesting facts and ideas of theirs' that you may have never known about. Once you start asking questions and open up that door, there should be at least a couple of surprises!!

Thanks again for reading along and to all, live a happy, healthy life!


Those are great tips! Baking soda does seem like a wonder, I gotta go stock up now, lol!😃

Thanks! Yes, she uses it for a lot! Yes, we have to stock up! lol

I actually have one of my own, baking soda and white vinegar cleans kitchen sinks pretty good! :))

Those are all great uses! The only one I don't have much luck with is witch hazel. I highly recommend the epsom salt foot soak and Teals has some with great scents. Hey @annariley, have you considered joining @steemusa? It is a great community and only takes a few minutes to be okay'd. Here is a link if you are pressure though! ;)

Yes, epsom salt is good. I do the foot soak with that too! ooh scents sound good!

I am on discord and have not had time to jump on it much. (working at airport and for my daughter in marketing and also writing, my head spins! lol .... but I will check out @steemusa over the weekend. Thanks for the invite and link!! :))

You're very welcome! :)