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RE: Good Ol' Remedies from my mother! (Part 8 of my mom's story - Last part)

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Those are all great uses! The only one I don't have much luck with is witch hazel. I highly recommend the epsom salt foot soak and Teals has some with great scents. Hey @annariley, have you considered joining @steemusa? It is a great community and only takes a few minutes to be okay'd. Here is a link if you are pressure though! ;)


Yes, epsom salt is good. I do the foot soak with that too! ooh scents sound good!

I am on discord and have not had time to jump on it much. (working at airport and for my daughter in marketing and also writing, my head spins! lol .... but I will check out @steemusa over the weekend. Thanks for the invite and link!! :))

You're very welcome! :)