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imageThe facts of children today are different from the children of ancient times. Different in everything. So we can not compare the circumstances, once when we were educated with both our parents with children today.

At least there are differences of children today and ancient times, the difference with the first generation children as follows are:

  1. Courage to express opinions.

There is a tradition of the generation of children today if they were more active in expressing their opinions while children are more quiet or buried to argue. Older children are more courageous it's anything and while children today are more shy and timid.

  1. Culture

At the time of ancient children more preserve dance (poco-poco, plate) each area let not extinct, while children sekrang they prefer dance (dance) of the west in our own dance or more precisely dance Indonesia. While westerners prefer to learn Indonesian dance.

  1. Intercourse

in the children of old they often did not go out at night while the children of the times prefer to go home late and they are not scolded with their parents. Children of old time they play at home while their children today are more often out to Mall, Salon, McD etc. At the time of their early childhood they often play local games (plot, dakon, bekel, jump rope, gobak sodar, and knee) and while their children are now more gatged, game, dance and clothing style that western trend.

  1. Different types of food

The food used to be more natural and does not cause chronic diseases whereas foods now contain lots of chemicals.

  From the above explanation can be concluded, that there is a very significant difference between the lives of children of ancient times and today.

The life of society today is much influenced by the development of the world starting from culture, association, and social strata. So we must always fortify ourselves and others so as not to fall into the negatife things that can hurt many parties.

Dan ini adalah permainan pada zaman kami kecil,yaitu zaman tanpa gajet.



Sangat jauh beda dengan zaman sekarang,yang semakin hari semakin menjadi jadi🔥

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