How to Use Your Home to Remember Things

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Hey everyone today I will be doing a breakdown of Chapter 9 in Kevin Horsley's book, Unlimited Memory. Be sure to check out my prior posts to learn more about some of his methods to help improve your memory and learn new things quicker by using brain hacks and your imagination. Lets get to today's post...

Chapter 9 starts out by describing a memory method that has been around for over 2500 years. Horsley describes this method as the original and most effective systems of all. It is similar to the Body Method mentioned in a prior post in that you will use places or markers on a location, journey, or route to store information.

Here is a breakdown:
Prepare in your mind an organized location (ex- your house or a shopping center)

Create markers or places on this location that you selected, similar to the Body Method in which you use your body parts to remember bits of information.

Make a clear image (using the "SEE" principle mentioned in earlier posts) of the information that you would like to remember

Place each item you are trying to remember on each of the marked locations.

This method incorporates the formula: Long-term memory + Short-term memory = Medium-term memory
This method is also very different than rote learning and constant repetition that creates an aversion to learning and is frustrating. It is much more effective to encode information into your already existing memory.

One way to use this method is by using your house. You can break your home down into 4 rooms: Room 1 The Kitchen, Room 2 The Living Room, Room 3 The Bedroom, and Room 4 The Bathroom. In each of the 4 rooms you can select 3 items or areas of the rooms that you can easily visualize. Lets use the kitchen as an example. Let say that your kitchen has a stove, refrigerator, and a dish washer. You can place information that needs to be remembered in each of these locations. Create something creative and personal that will help you visualize and use the most of your imagination. Now you can associate these areas of the rooms with the info that you need to remember. Continue this process with each room. If you remember 3 sections of all 4 rooms, that will be a list of 12 items that you can remember. You can also pair those items to double the list.

It is always easier to remember something that is experienced in your mind. We remember what we think about. Just make sure that you use places that you know well, that have significance to your, and that have lots of variety. The important thing is that you practice. The more you practice, the better you will get.

Well that is all for now. I hope you learned something new. Try this method for yourself and see how easily it works. Take care and I will see you again soon.

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