Use the Body Method to help remember things

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Hey everyone, I am continuing the memory and learning post series. Be sure to check out my prior posts to learn more about Kevin Horsley and his book Unlimited Memory. Lets get to today's lesson...

Chapter 7 is all about using your body to help remember. Using your body is referred to as the Body Method. The idea is to use different parts of your body to store new information. Your body is a great long-term storage compartment. You can start off by using the top of your head and working your way down to your feet to remember different items of information. The idea is to use as much as your imagination as possible for each body part to really help create a visual picture and image inside of your mind. You will then want to work backwards to see if you can recall your list of items working from your feet and back up to your head.

The Body Method helps you structure your information so that you can easily jump in and out of the material. This method was originally invented by the ancient Greeks. You can use this method to remember lists for grocery shopping, exams, and even work. It is easy to remember 10 items using this method. With a little practice and imagination you can work your way up to remembering up to 50 bits of information. Give it a try...

Well that is all for now. This is a quick chapter breakdown. Thanks for stopping by and I will see you again soon.

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