Use the Peg List to Help with Memory

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Hey everyone. Today I will be doing a quick breakdown of Chapter 10 of Unlimited Memory by Kevin Horsley. Be sure to check out my prior posts to learn more about tapping into your creative side to help remember and learn to new things. Let get on with today's post.

Chapter 10 is titled, "Linking Thoughts." Here Horsley describes to his readers that we only learn by association. Learning is connecting new information to old information. It does not happen any other way. It is creating a relationship between the known and the unknown. So the more you know, the easier it is to connect more information and get to know more.

Horsley then goes on to do an exercise to help learn the 1st 12 presidents of the USA. It goes as follows (Remember to use your imagination to help visualize a picture in your mind):
Washing a tin - Washington
Adam's apple - Adams
A chef and her son - sounds like Jefferson
Medicine - sounds like Madison
Marilyn Monroe - Monroe
Adam's apple - Adams
Michael Jackson - Jackson
A van with beer in - Van Buren
A hairy sun - Harrsion
A tiler (person who lays tiles) Tyler
Polka does - Polk
Tailor - Taylor

Once you have the list in your mind, go through it forwards and backwards to make sure you have it. You can also link new information to the list, so it becomes a new "peg" list. You can also link to vice-presidents along with the presidents. And you can combine with other stories or other memory systems such as the Body Method. This way you can remember multiple concepts and bits of information by connecting links to a short mental journey.

By using more of our creativity and imagination, we are making the information outstanding and therefore, stimulation our interest and curiosity. This keeps our interest at a peak. Each word reminds you of the next, and you are making your own links. It is easy to do and it a great mental workout as well as fun.

Well there you have it. I hope you learned something new from this chapter. Be sure to lookout for my next post and thank you for stopping by. I will see you again soon...