What is the Peg Word Method for Memory?

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This is a quick breakdown of chapter 8 in Kevin Horsley's book, Unlimited Memory. Be sure to check out some of my prior posts to learn more about his methods to improve memory and learning. Lets get on with today's post...

Chapter 8 deals with a learning method called Pegging Information Down. The Peg Method of Memory helps you explore the power of your associative mind. Two methods of Peg Learning are the Rhyming Peg Method and the Shape Peg Method.

The Rhyming peg method uses your long term memory to help assist in remembering. However, you always want to use your long term memory to assist your short term memory. With this method you associate new information to long term memory pegs in your mind. The pegs also act as compartments or files for your new thoughts. You make memory pegs out of rhyming words. An example would be using numbers.

One rhymes with bun
two shoe
three tree
four door
five hive
six sticks
seven heaven
eight gate
nine vine
ten hen

Now each one of these pegs can become compartments to store new information. You link the peg using the "SEE" method mentioned in earlier posts to words that you want to remember. You can use any word rhyme that works for you. Try to make images as illogical as possible to make it easier for your brain to remember.

Lets say the first item you had to remember on your list was "Love and warmth." Using one bun, you could imagine a heart (symbol for love) shaped warm bun, or thousands of warm hearts are flying out of a bun. Really visualize it and you will remember that one is "love and warmth."

The second peg system, the Shape System, converts numbers into concrete shapes. It works in the same way as the rhyme list, only this time the pegs are shaped like the number. The idea is to play with it and have a bit of fun. Use the options that work best for you and make sure to use visualizations that are personal to you.

Well there you have it. Another method to help improve your learning and memory. Thanks for stopping by and I will see you again soon.

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