Unboxing My Menē Surprise!

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Hello, friends!

The first time I heard about menē was from my sister @gringalicious. She did a great job on her unboxing video! I thought the idea was cool, so I started looking at other unboxing videos. I came upon @goldmatters page, and commented on one of his posts and he replied instantly then we had a short nice conversation. Next day he messages me and tells me to look out for my mailbox! I was so surprised! Below, you will see photos of me seeing what's inside!

I was very excited to open this! First thing that I saw when I opened it was an adorable little gift bag and catalogs! I looked through the catalogs, and they have very nice pieces!

The bag that the gift was in was so cute but I couldn't get the item out. I thought it would just slip right out but I had to dig for it...receiving gifts isn't as easy as it looks, lol!

I didn't know what I was receiving, it turned out to be a Lucky Horseshoe Charm crafted from 24 karat gold! I was pleasantly surprised!

It also came with a bracelet to put the beautiful charm on!

Thank you @goldmatters for this special gift. I appreciate it so much!

I wasn't expecting it at all and I am super honored!

Thank you @fullofhope for taking these beautiful photos!


Greetings, Sweet Heart lovelymess

I mean you look very pretty in that post. Your glasses make your face charming.

I don't really understand what it is and how this Mene works. It seems to be a box that you don't know what's inside and opens and gets an item related to the adornments, right?

Now, what most caught my eye, was the location you decided to use to open the box. It's beautiful. By any chance, is it a park or do you live there?? I would very much like to live in a place like this or be able to attend a place full of nature as beautiful as this.

Thanks for posting
Good night!

Super cool!! It was fun watching you unbox it hahah.

Cant wait to see you wear it.

Thank you! I know, me neither!

Great job @alovelymess!! Thank you for doing this fun unboxing post and I hope your Mene 24 karat gold charm brings you tons of good luck:)

Thank you very much! I had alot of fun doing it! I hope it will.

Great post! I love how simple this is and how well it promotes Menē! Also huge props to @fullofhope for these amazing photos!

Thank you!! She did a great job!

It's always fun to get a nice surprise in the mailbox instead of junk mail!

Haha, totally!!

Aw, so happy for you! What a lovely surprise! @goldmatters finally convinced me to go check out the online catalog and I was so impressed, I signed up an account and actually sent a hint to my husband about the items I liked! We've been married 13 years and I've never once asked for jewelry, but I love these pieces!

Anyway, @fullofhope did a great job with the photos. They turned out lovely!

They look great on you. Love the color blue. Love your smile.

Have a lovely day.