Steemmonsters + Orginal Song + Costco = Mene recap

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I like to recap the notable Mene\Goldmoney events on Steemit and since there are so many these days, I’m doing it dailly!

Today started off with my Mene Stack which you can see above, and only got better!

I’m trading real 24 karat Mene gold for this guy:


Which is the first ALL GOLD STEEM BLOCKCHAIN transaction that I have ever heard of.

Speaking of @steemmonsters, if you havent seen it, my dear friend @coruscate has a comprehensive total explanation of the game even if you are a non gamer like she is!

She does a fantastic job explaining why Steemmonsters are so important for Steem and Steemit, and why they could potentially be beneficial for ALL Steemians.


Watch her video:

Why am I including @coruscate in the Menē wrap up? First of all: BECAUSE I DO WHAT I WANT AND SHES AWESOME. But also,

She is wearing her Mene for luck in her hunt for a gold Steemmonster!!

She talks about that here at about 9:50 into her video:


Go see her full post and find out how you could potential get free steemmonsters!

This next Mene mention is awesome!! @thedamus wrote an entire orginal song about Mene and well... ME!! What an honor and I’m so happy to be serenaded by @thedamus.

I mean, I’ve never had someone write a song about me! This is the coolest thing ever. Check it out, you are in for a treat!

Also in the video is @thedamus ‘s 24 karat Mene platinum Key.

Full post:

If you want to be like @thedamus.... well scratch that , no one can be that cool.... but if you want to own the same Mene platinum key as him you can find it on the Mene website :


Not enough Mene for you?

Read my post about searching for gold in Costco:


What adventures will come to Steemit tommorow with Mene?? Stay tuned to find out....

*Sign up for Mene using this invite link you will get $5 in Mene credit!

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Watch famous Steemian @travelgirl unbox Mene!!


Gold Silver and @thedamus equals upvote everytime! 😎👍

This song is so awesome!

Haha @goldmatters, that @thedamus snuck @jbcoin into those song lyrics! Great job of spreading the word about 24K Menē!

Ha ha that was so awesome!!!

I could imagine selling a steemmonster card for gold... but 24k gold for a steem monster card? Woah. Maybe someday you'll be trading that 'gold' card for several MENE items! @ironshield

Thats how I roll! Anything to generate some excitement for Mene!!

These Golden and silver dice.
Golden buttons..
Its like Au Au and Au everywhere <3

Yes! It’s everywhere!

lol one day i will have it too :p

Great recap! Soon....

Did you listen to the song lol? Its great

Hahaha, yes I did earlier today when he posted it! Does that mean that I have a sing a song for you too when I unbox my charm?

Oh.oh!!! I am in trouble. I do have an ukelele!