ShedTalk s01e01 - Mental Health In Close Quarters

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Real Talk with Real People, straight from my real-life safe-haven, my shed.
The premiere episode of Shed Talk guest stars my husband and partner in life, @profanereviews
Today's episode introduces the challenges and adjustments necessary in life when you find you love a person with Borderline Personality Disorder. (BPD)

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i got my popcorn out....poke him...poke him!

I knew I was in trouble when the half fishing rod came out.

Hello @dj123, you are looking especially good today, i'm sure of it. I want you to know I have poked him several times in your honour and he keeps insisting he needs a do-over. I feel like he is starting to abuse your dude-friendly suggestion. Oh wait. You meant with the stick. Well i feel foolish.

oh eww..... ok resume with your poking! I'll close my eyes.

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