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Hello everyone! welcome back to mermaid monday week 13!!
With this week another theme;

Hold on to your (sea)horses...........for the mermaids and the:


I love to see some cowboy western mermaid art! Outfits for Mermaids inspired on the wild west, crypto treasures, a heee haaa party underwater and duels between mermaids and other sea creatures. Make something special, go crazy! I like your creativity, surprise me!

You can send in:
-traditional and digital



Deadline next week monday so make sure your artwork is up there by

Monday 2nd of july

6:00 PM GMT +2 (Amsterdam time)

have fun making your artwork!





Thank you again for appreciating my work, I present to you my mermaid from the Far West, I cannot present the steps for the realization of the work because there are problems in the network that prevent me from doing it.
My cowboy mermaid is riding on a beautiful steed and is so tired that she sees the mirages of the desert, under the harsh sun.
I hope you like it.

sirena vaquera.jpg

Thank you for your entry! X

Thank you for always proposing a beautiful contest , my contribution is a naive mermaid with a beautiful little girl's face, and a cheerful and spirited horse.
I hope it's to everyone's liking,
sirena vaquera final (2).jpg

THank you very much! X

You are welcome @nymia.aryn, this was a fun Theme to imagine and draw from. I felt Lucy would make a nice kind of comic strip character. I can see her maybe barrel racing, or breaking wild seahorses. This is my favorite idea, lassoing killer sharks. I have a childhood friend in Arizona where I lived at one time, that is a real cowgirl. I sometimes spent the weekends at her house located deep in the Mohave Desert. Her dad owns about have of that land, and is a cattle rancher. I would get to help her in the evening to herd the cattle back to the ranch by horseback, so that they would get feed more nutrients. My friend entered compition barrel racing, whenever there where rodeos in the area. She had a beautiful gray palomino she had trained herself, the two of them where incredible to watch! Great times back then, she had long blond hair to❣️

That is very cool, I like the ranch life how I always see it in movies and in a video game for the PlayStation (called red dead redemption) haha the idea to lassoing some sharks is really hilariouly briliant. I see your childhood friend as a wild cool chick now haha! 😉

Well her and I are both 59 years old now, she still loves riding horses, and she’s got a ranch of her own. She is not as wild as she used to be, but she’s an amazing tough lady, that is really down to earth and a lot of fun! Thank you for your wonderful comments @nymia.aryn, I appreciate you and your awsome contest, I hope you will get more entries soon❣️

Cool that you are so active on Steemit! In my circle there are not a lot of people from the 50's on Steemit :) and formiliar with the technology of today :) cool that she has her own ranch, I think that if you grow up over there it's likely to follow in those footsteps and because of the freedom with horse riding and stuff.
You are welcome too lildebbiecakes, wonderful that you join my contest again :) you bring a lot of positivity for me and the other participants ❤I really appreciate it 😍😘

Ahhh... the last words you wrote warmed my heart, you are so sweet @nymia.aryn thank you❣️

😍😍 i love it 😍😍

Yaay!! Glad you love it! Xxx

Does it have to be a colored piece?

Not in particular but, I do love colored in drawings :)

my entry.

Thank you very much!

...very interesting ;) ....see you in the week!!

🤗looking forward to see your draw! X

Hello friend again participating in the mermaid monday contest this is my estrada I hope you like it.


Super cute! Thank you alot! X