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Hello creative community,

I got this prompt from IG while I was checking my feed, it is #mermay2021. I think this is an interesting theme and gave it a try. So I created this doodle of a mermaid. I want it to be wearing clothes or a uniform. Short hair and anything that is not typical for a mermaid.

Here are some process photos for you

At first I was thinking of a busy woman hustling and holding an umbrella as shown on my rough sketch

I love the sharp clean lines and went for it until this masculine looking figure came about

The base colors I want to look conservative like a uniform. Nothing fancy or bright

I love the embroidery details on the back of the jacket as well as the epaulets or shoulder details. It was fun making this drawing hope that you like it.

Practice helps us get better each time we try. That is the aim of
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