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…continued… from part 1


B. Always begin with the end in mind. You cannot feature in a future that you cannot picture. You need to have the end in mind. Conceive it in your mind’s eyes on how you want it to be and then make it plain. Keep that vision and that dream ahead of you. Visualize the completion of the project and it would help you to stay motivated to achieve it. Don’t always think short term but make sure you think long term too.

C. Employ wisdom. Wisdom is your most important asset and it is not the money. If you have the money and you fail to apply wisdom in the spending, then it is only normal that you will reduce that money to nothing with lack of wisdom, but with little money and wisdom, you can achieve much.

Haven’t you seen people doing menial jobs and they would tell you they own a house already and you will begin to wonder, ‘how’? While you will see people with better pat structure struggling to achieve things and then entering into more debts. It takes wisdom.


Stop waiting for the big ones or the spectacular or that huge sum of money before you can have things done. Do them even in bits as they come. A little drop of water makes a mighty ocean and that is true too. If you wait till you are ready or till you achieve a lump sum, then you can never achieve anything. Don’t despise the days of your little beginnings.

Stop waiting for everything to be perfect because they won’t be. Life happens to everyone and you are not an exception. A man that waits for the perfect condition would never get anything done. You can’t find a perfect condition but you can make the most of every condition and make it perfect just for you. If you have never faced any challenge, it means you are travelling in the same direction with those who hate you or your enemies. For every good step you want to take, there will always be oppositions, jealousy and envy. Stop looking for people’s approvals over your life before you achieve something tangible. Even as a woman, you are not defined by your gender. Go and achieve that exploit as it cuts off those nonentities that are allowed to come into your space.

…to be continued…

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The major problem we humans have is that majority think of the sort term benefit of a project or act to be executive and forget the long term benefits of it.

Wisdom is essential as you have started in point C, without it, not much could be achieved no matter how hard someone try. Wisdom they say is better than knowledge, if you read other people's ideas without you putting things down in the right position through wisdom, I'm telling you it is just a waste of time.

Yes, efforts without wisdom is a total waste of time. In whatever we do, we need to employ wisdom. Without wisdom, earning a million naira a month would achieve nothing but with wisdom, earning considerably less can make you achieve so much.

Thanks as always, brother. Good to have you here.

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