Just be good and give me a flower

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The red rose has a long history of meaning. They have been presented many times in art today, from classical painting and poetry to modern music and film. Throughout history, they have penetrated many cultures as political and religious symbols. The mystery of the red rose has been an immeasurable source of inspiration for centuries.


However, it stands out the most as a symbol of Love. This type of roses in our current view is a traditional symbol for Love and Romance. Modern red roses were introduced to Europe from China in the 1800s. However, their importance depends on centuries ago, even some of the earliest societies. Red itself has transformed from primary meaning for life to a metaphor for deep Emotions.

As the tradition of flower shopping as a gift of interest has grown stronger, red roses have of course become flowers that send the strongest message of love. This tradition has survived to this day. It remained the most popular way of saying "I love you" to someone special.

These roses are a wonderful symbolic gift, perfect for expressing your feelings towards loved ones for Valentine's Day, a special day or "like this, for no reason". In a friendly relationship, a bouquet of red roses can be a sign for the onset of romantic feelings. They send an attachment message or a call for the next step.