Messi wants us to bring 5 important points in regular practices in our life

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Life teaches us a lot throughout the life time. The more struggle and challanges you face the more bold and experience you become.

As I am big fan of Soccer and especially Messi, so I want to share this message to all Soccer and other sport fans. From my experience I want to suggest few best practices you should bring in your life.

1.When you leave your home for any work make sure you leave with positive attitude and thinking.

Make sure your mind and soul must be calm before you leave. Driving in stress or bad mood could be dangerous.

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2.Daily either go for a jog or go for a morning or evening walk. By just setting in office or at home will not help in burning your fat.

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3.People who have the habbit of avoiding morning breakfast they suffer from acidity problems. If you want to solve the acidity problem never ever skip your breakfast.


4.Depending on others you can never grow your business. So never ever depend on others for your business till you donot pay him or ask him to involve some investement share in business.


  1. Buying condom is not a shame. Bringing condom in regular use ensures safety of your partner and yourself. Only responsible partner takes care of safety .

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This is a very simple and normal post with a simple but effective message.

Please standby read and share. Please vote if you find it useful.


nice post but with sad news messi out from worldcup what u say

Thank you for standing by. Yes right Messi is out now and that's the reason I want to remember him once again before the next Worldcup.

bro are you love foot ball. i am just watch football game. are you play footbal? tell me