NYSE Launching Bitcoin Market

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World's Biggest Stock Exchange - New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is going to launch Bitcoin Market and they Officially anoounced this and after this new Market just spike up.

This is connected with Bakkt Platform. At this time market is not going up because of some FUDS but once institutional investors come this Crypto than it will pump high and maybe Market Cap. cross Trillion Dollar.

Same as ETF that once this confirm than high volume money will come in Crypto and maybe Bitcoin pump as 3x or more just need to wait till ETF approval.

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crypto.update overwhelmed with this news

Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), the owner of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), has announced that will list a physically-settled bitcoin futures contracts and form a new company whose mission is to make bitcoin a mainstream financial asset.

Wonderful blog that help bitcoin in main stream media attraction

Nice great news..
Hope so after this news Bitcoin price rise showing bull run..

its a good news for cypto lover !!it will help cryptocurrency to reach more people.

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