Earn $500 On Steemit For Newbies - Follow Some Steemit Tips & Tricks !

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Hello Friends ,

I am writing this blog so i can help my steemit community to earn max from steemit using some very simple steemit hacks and tips which will help all new members on steemit to grow big .

Few Steps that you need to keep in mind if you are ready to work as community is :

1- Use one specific tag that you and your friends add in there post whenever they blog so that you and your friend find each other post easily on steemit platform and can help each other to upvote and comment over to build authority .

2- Its very important that you build your reputation on steemit which will be build with time and will be build more and more when you will post quality content for your community and few of big and old steemit profiles will upvote for you .

3- Most important thing for always remain is posting unique and valuable content that people are willing to read .

4- Be consistent in your work so if you give yourself a target to post 1 post daily so you must do it on consistent basis for next 6 months as only with time your profile will look like professional and a valuable profile on steemit .

5- Upvote for your own content as well as if you will not support your content then who will ? So always upvote your own blog .

6- Follow whales profile and catch there eye by adding some engaging comment on there blog post so that your post get lot of upvoted and answers which will help you to earn from your comments as well and will help you to be caught by eye of some whales which can upvote for you later .

Now i would like to add a video as well which contains all the info in Hindi language which will help my community member to understand in there mother language so if you understand hindi then here is video for you .

I hope you will get lot of advantage from this blog post and it will help you earn big on steemit !

If you liked the blog pls support by upvoting and commenting over it if you have some more suggestions over it .

Sumit Kapoor


Welldone @moneyguruu
Every time i follow your youtube video and new update. You are most wellcome steemit . Good luck and good work

Thanks for support as always lets simply keep supporting each other for our community ..

Poor man poor think really its too good sentence if u have channel of utube i hope u will be make a superb video about this line i think u have good idea for that senteces.

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THANKS @moneyguruu sir for your good contian. #steem is the best place to earn free cryptocurrency.hopefully everybody can improve there #steemit account.if anybody need any help comment me for your problem.

I will ensure everyone just follow correct path on steemit so we can make big together . As if we are fighting alone we will be able to achieve nothing in here .

Hey shayanzai how are you,
I hope you doing well with steemit platform Im new here please follow back me .by doing that we can earn a passive income from steemit.
Thanks in Advance

I will make part 4 very soon which will be super exciting for all of you !

@moneyguruu sir u r a great man i have started to follow your tricks and write a blog can you please upvote me to apprishate my work plzzzz sir here is the link

waiting for that sir :)

@moneyguruu ,sir eagerly waiting for part4 .
I'm in crypto field just because of you and now in steemit community too.

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ok sumitji... waiting for it..

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Many thanks to Mr. Sumit Kapoor .... he is doing great job to help people for online earning.... Plssss vote for him ..... keep it up Mr. Kapoor.... i wish for great success in life ... God Bless Him.. he is our inspiration...

Mr. Kapoor is here to earn and make us earn as well. Great going keep up the good work in this community.

Hi Brother...

I am new on this platform & i think you are also new..

Lets make team .. join me i will upvote & comment on your every post.

i have been following you for two years
i belived in @@@@@sumit kapoor's idea will diffenetly work....
thanks so much for your guidence

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@moneyguruu bro u r right as a time we can achieve... thanks for tips n tricks

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I am with you sir, because you take it serious..

bros write some think other wise you will not achieve the your goal

Ok bro apni comunity best performance pai jor dai toh every thing possible

sir , man ki baat ....today i searched this all content in YouTube so that we can grow fast with all this tips....i searched in trading post how they earn more dollar even they don't have much follower .......you doing great thing for us like want something earn from online....thank you.....

Yes i will share lot more stuff in part 4 which will make you all excited about ..

sahi bat kahi Paresh bhai aapne..

Exactly sir, we need to work together. i would like to say here that we should think about our community of indian people(Sorry for biasing here ) who are really interested to work here having unity.
without interest and dedication nothing is going to be achieved.@moneygurru

We are already working on our indian community dear . Its just that we need help of whales to get our profile rank better .

u will be whale for us

Your are doing great job!

I am mgsc and i think or coch MG give us a upvote so we will also earn give a Upvote to my comment and follow me if it possible for you. Thanks

sumithbai aap Aage badho ham aapke saath he. god bless you.

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your are right

but i went to know 1 think
that what reputation power is max in steemit platform??

Thanks sir For such good mindset but seriously sir I want to share my experience with you.I also joined That type of group but according to me everyone are selfish they think 'Isko Kyun upvote karu mujhe kya Milega, isnne mujhe upvote nahi kiya toh Main kyun karu'. Because of such a bull shot people's group is not working. This is my personal my opinion.I Know you are doing great job but how we change such people's mind set??

hello all,

I do not think we are following mgsc tag to comment on posts and up votes. we are just up voting only on this post. let us follow the process.

dear sumit pls u also follow all people who follow u its my request so we all make it big

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@moneuguruu Love from Pakistan sumit bhai. You are doing a great job. I hope, we will have a much bigger community on steemit including Indian + Pakistani. We need to support each and everyone outthere. I am also a newbie.

#steemit is a very good platform. I hpe, we all earn bigger here and then move this currency into Trading exchanges soon. #Hodl right now, bull run is coming soon.

sir ji iam having very less knowledge in blogging can u make a videos on it pls

@moneyguruu using unique tag idea is great i start blogging with the same and i hope hole community work with each other and grow together

kindly help each other

@mostafezur moneyguru helps us a lot to earn money. can you also give us some tips according to your experience in Steemit about how to grow.

To write a good post, we should take note of what balance we need to keep and take news from.
Please Reply me

Steemit is great platform for young starter and creative thinkers to earn money without much trouble. Only thing u need is dedication and will power to keep urself going in the starting few months.

@monstafeur , thanks for the appreciation sir , Being a crypto beginner i am glad to have people like u and @moneyguruu for showing us the path of success.

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yes sir i can explain. i send sms your facebook massenger.my facebook id name mostafezur ringku

@mostafezur can you please also explain this here as well so that our community can also get benefit from it.

Thank you.

@airdrophunter if you invest steem dollars to promote your post thats best things to earn more and more in steemit

But sir where we should invest our Steem dollar to promote our post

@mostafezur bhai how to promote? can you explain?? me please

Do u have exeperience about promote dear....by steemit power....

@mostafezur Which one is better for uploading video for blog , Dtube or Youtube????

@ravi780 It will be good to give you good quality video wherever you are. But working on youtube is a lot harder. And you can do better easily from dtube.

You are right sir Dtube is new in market we can do better performance at Dtube rather than doing so many hard work at youtube.

Yes ofcourse d tube is easier than youtube and good work i lile it.

Youtube is the best platform outthere. Though it is the 2nd largest search engine after Google. You can earn more on Youtube. But there are no advantages to the viewers on Youtube. They will not be paid for viewing your videos.

While Dtube is a future, it provides values to both uploaders + viewers also. It has a very good strength, it can go much higer than Youtube in future. So let's stick with both.

Please help me by explaining the way to grow steemit account.

Hi sir I m following u and u also comment and follow me...we both can earn well

Sir can you help me pls to grow on steemit.

can I get an upvote from you on my articles

@mostafezur brother please keep your
Support on me

Brother at first I have copied few images from my FB and posted here in steemit so is it creates any problem ?? Plz confirm

Not for now but from ahead don't do this !

Ok done thanks for your advice sumith

@mostafezur moneyguru helps us a lot to earn money. can you also give us some tips according to your experience in Steemit about how to grow.

i following u and voted please follow me and vote for me

Just started our Steemit account and I have already started following your guidelines. Great work, keep doing. I will also be posting some engaging content soon.


what reputation power is the max power here in steemit??

Thnks sumit ji. you are doing a good job.

@mostafezur brother what type of content we should upload to acttract people.

@mostafezur thanks to offer but i want to ask that how to find unique topic or same topic with unique words

with the unity power, we all can earn very well here. let's show some Indians power here

@mostafezur sir please follow and upvote me, i will be greatly thankful to you.

@ mostafezur very good steemit pathway to earn cryptocurrency without investment

Hi bro please up vote, comment my introduction blog & follow me, I need ur help bro. It give me some motivation.

Good one Sumit bhai. This is one of the best way to serve and help our community !!!

Hi sumit can I join your team?

There is no team bro, we all are one, just support each other, and follow @moneyguruu sir.

Right if we follow sumit sir and help each other then every one will grow and earn.

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@moneyguruu Dear Sumit, Kindly acknowledge..

@moneyguruu Why can't you create a MG channel in https://d.tube and post the same video, which you post on youtube... So that the community people will earn by simply liking and commenting... is it not the good idea?

@moneyguruu Sir, How can I join team on facebook.

Thanks sir for for sharing your knowledge.

@moneyguruu please also support Pakistani community here, there is no one who can guide us. I really believed in you sir, please help us also.

Sir you are always welcome in money guruu team.. we will grow and earn with each other

@abid sir Yes sir as a sumit sir i am telling u must be join group after all withour group u have really good value and by ur support we will be alao make a good value in steemit platform sir...

it is good to see someone from india promoting steemit,

Super sir intresting

You Are Always share Helpful Think.
& Thank You! So Much.

Just trying my level best to do good for our community and help people the most i can .

I know you, My Dear Sir.
I Want To Contact With You?

@sahin sir top entertainer we want to u in our group and support ur valuable steemit power and upvot us also sir ....do u have a youtune channel sir.

you are very dynamic and looking forward person , striving to do good for the community,May God bless you

Hlo sir ï want to work on steemit but ï dont know how
Pls Help me

Money guruu is a motivational person for all of us.. he made many people to earn

Sumit ji I am a Subscriber of your YouTube channel and I am working here on steemit from July 2017 I have stopped writing here for few days but after watching your video I have decided to start writing again with a new hope. If I can help you to understand steemit better please let me know. I have also sent a request to join the Facebook group. Wish you all the best. 👍🙏

Can u Help me to grow up in steemit plz Ï also money guru steemit community
Help me to understand steemit

Steemit is a community and you have to make new friends here. Before you think what I can get from here you have to think what I can give others. When you start thinking this and do according to this other will also think about you. In this way you will build a great relationship with people. Don't do any copy paste job. Always use tag which is related to your post. Upvote people who comment in your post & always try to reply them. Always do that what you want from other. You will see the result in the future. Best of luck. 👍🙏😊

@Supriya I got it sir .thanks and best of luvk to you sir

Don't call me sir bro . Thanks and best of luck to you also.

But ï dont know how to add photo on post

Simply you can add photo in desktop or laptop by dragging and dropping. If you are using mobile then below the post writing section you can see the image selecting option. You can also add photo by using their web link. Don't use any picture that is not yours. If necessary then mention the image source properly. You can also visit here to learn many markdown code to make your post well presented.

You are welcome in our group. I hope you never go back.

You must be member of group by now .

Thanks for your content. It is a biggest platform of earning. I followed you. @shahin1975

Nice video Sumit sir ! And I am in complete support of your commenting idea.. because even I have managed to increase my reputation from 25 to 34 in 3-4 days just by commenting on right people's post... but I still don't think that one can earn sufficient STEEP POWER with it.. there are many people on steemit whose reputation is over 60 but yet they have very less steem power and hence there per post earnings are small.
Like you have recently bought around 700 SP, all these people who have a large steem power and earning well have actually bought SP ... and now are paying bots for upvotes and that causes more people to like their post..
Plus if you have more SP you can definitely earn well in CURATION REWARDS section...

I am continuing with what you said.. but still let us know what you think.. is buying SP only the best option and that too how much for the initial stage..
Thank you

Yes dear as said in the video as well i am working on paid things myself and checking on what can be done over it so we can increase our influence and grow our account at speed .
Just working on things Part 4 will include all the answers as well :)

Bhai apka to line lag gaya....ab to shark jeisa ban gaye ho😂 ...Whale banna dur nhi he....All the best Bhai.

And i want everyone to copy this system and make it happen for them as well ...