DO you know..what is the INDIA ARMY strength ????

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India’s army prowess is growing every year. and India has been fast developing new military technology, India has manufacturing diffrence types of weapons, aircraft, naval vessels etc to make India’s military strong. india update military power very quickly the reason biggest enemies. to handle these two Pakistan, China. India’s nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles program has also caused concerns for India’s adversaries.
So what is India’s current aramy strength? We take a look...


According to Globalfirepower, the Indian army has a combined 4,207,250 active and solger in service
army there is three services – Army, Air Force and Navy

we take a look at air force


India total aircraft strength 2120
Fiter aircraft- 676
Attack aircraft -809
Transporters- 857
Trainer aircraft- 323
Total helicopter- 666
Attack helicopters- 16

we take a look at NAVAL FORCE


The Indian Navy is the fifth largest navy in the world.
Total naval assets 295
Aircraft carrires- 1
Frigates- 14
Destroyers- 11
Corvettes- 23
Submarines- 15
partol craft- 139

we take a look at ARMY STRENGTH


The Indian Army is the second largest standing army in the world
Total activ solger- 1200255
Combat tanks- 4426
Armored fighting vehicles- 6704
self propelled artillery- 290
Artillery- 7414
Rocket projectors- 29

INDIA also have NUCLEAR capability. india have diffrent power full missile..

we take a look at NUCLEAR capability


Minimum missile range- 150Km
the AGNI missile range- 5000 to 8000km
ICBMs missile range- 16000km

this is INDIAN ARMY strength. and this strength is maximize every year.

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