Why Network Marketing is the Business of 21st Century, Why everyone should start this Business with 20 Benefits?

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Hello Friends,
How Technology and Robots are disrupting Humans jobs
Technology is changing and advancing every day. This change is affecting our jobs. Evolution of Internet has started to disrupt many offline works means offline work will also be finished in a few years like Banking, shopping etc. Many companies have started to fire their employee and bringing robots and machines at there places. Because machines don't ask for Salary and Holiday. But this business is 100% safe because it's totally dependent on people which can't be disrupted by technologies and machines.

Let's have a look over 20 benefits of Network Marketing

  1. It helps you to build your own Fortune.

In Jobs, you are working for someone else and making him rich every day. You are working for 8 to 10 hours every day and being paid 10x less. Also, giving twice in taxes. But in this Business, you will be working for yourself.

2.. Double your income every year.

In Jobs it's impossible to double your income. In Job average income increases from 2% to 10%. Whereas inflation is itself 10%. But in this business, your customer base keeps on increasing every day and doubles every year.

3.. Retire rich.

In Jobs you give all your time and energy and finally when you retire you have to live on a pension. You have worked very hard all the time to full someone else dreams. But after retirement, you won't have enough time and money to enjoy the rest of your life. But in this business, you will be earning more after your retirement and have time and money to enjoy your whole life. You don't have to depend on anyone.

4.. Want to work for the next 40 years or just 3-5 years.

In Jobs, you will be working for 40 years and won't get time to enjoy your life. But in this Business, you can retire after just working for 3-5 years and earn even more after your retirement.

5.. Population Boom Advantage.

Increasing population has disrupted all jobs. But this is the only industry where there is no vacancy limitation. This industry is directly proportional to population. This business is totally dependent on the people. Each and every person will get work. More population more area to sell products.

6.. Income builds itself.

After having your team your business will start to build itself and you can go for a holiday. And when you come back you will see your team has grown bigger. And start your work from where you have left.

7.. You are the owner of this Business.

Here no one is going to tell you that you have to work else you will be fired. You are the boss of your own.

8.. Business with Zero loss no RIsk.

This is the only business in the world where there is zero loss and no risk involved.

9.. No formal Qualification required.

For doing any job in the world you need Qualification. But to do this business you have to be only 18+years.

10.. Flexible working hours.

Choose your own working hours when you need to work. Work for 1 hour or 10hours it's up to you.

11..Regular training and support.

In Jobs, no one will help you guide you.
No one will guide you in any other businesses that are going on in the world.
But in this Business, everyone will guide you. You will be given training and support on a regular basis. You will find many helping hands ready to help you whenever you need help.

12.. Debt free life.

This is the only business which gives you debt-free life. Enjoy your life without Debt.

13.. World tour.

This business gives you world tour to travel across different parts of the world.

14.. Best way to find True Friends and new friends.

After doing this business for 2-3years you will come to realise who is your true friend and who is not.

15.. Family Business.

This is the only business where you can involve your families.

16.. Personality Development.

This is the only business that develops your personality and completely transforms your life, attitude, speaking skills, look, personality and behaviour etc. Personality plays a very key role in building a persons future and life.

17.. Reward and Recognition

In job people will be jealous of you, they don't like to see you going up. They will always try to pull you down. But here people will appreciate you admire you clap for you when you achieve something and you become a role model for them.

18.. Complete financial freedom.

In Jobs you are selling your time for money means you can't stop working else your income will stop. But After doing this Business you don't have to worry about money.

19.. Largest self-employment sector.

This is the only sector that has given self-employment to more than 10 crore persons in the world and still it's increasing rapidly.

20.. Benefits for the society.

This business unit the people and everyone works together without any discrimination of caste, sex, religion, age, disability etc.
Strong Relationship.

You can watch youtube क्या आपकी नौकरी ख़तरे में है? Motivational Speech on Artificial Intelligence by Dr Vivek Bindra

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Time is changing very fast and Ways of doing jobs are also changing. Get ready for the changing world.
What form of jobs we have seen in the past that won't be in the future because in past there were no internet and machines.

Network Marketing is the only job that's going to survive in the future because the machines can't take this place. So, start your futuristic business today if you haven't started else you will be left behind with nothing as time never stops or comes back. We are in the middle of this changing era, catch the train else it would be too late.

Many companies are in the market that is giving this business opportunity to us but keep in mind you always choose the right and best one.

Types of companies plans from which you must maintain your distance.

  1. Binary/Leg/ Pyramid/Ratio system
96% of the companies in the market is working on this system. The biggest limitation of this plan is that you can only sponsor only 2 people. You must be careful while working in these companies.

2.. Tertiary system

1% of the companies working on this system. The biggest limitation of this plan is that you can only sponsor only 3 people. You must be careful while working in these companies.

3..Matrix system

2% of the companies working on this system. The biggest limitation of this plan is that you can only sponsor only 4 people. You must be careful while working in these companies.

4.. Generation plan system

1% of the companies work on this system. This system is the best system in the world. You must choose companies that work on this system. Because there is no limitation of the direct sponsor. This company can be chosen as the best carrier option. There is no loss, working with this company. Means Life upto coming next 7 Generation is fully secured with these companies.

You must be careful about the types of products that the company is manufacturing. Always try to choose a company having a unique product with less competition in the market and more profit and has regular demand all the time.
So, what you are waiting for if you haven't started this business just start your business today with the best plan. Time waits for none and opportunity never comes again and again. Start today before its too late.

For more detail or to start, your own profitable business you can contact me on
WhatsApp : +918609003845
Call : +918609003845
Facebook: Sushant TheLegist
Facebook page: Network Marketing
Twitter: @Sushant50290552
LinkedIn: Sushant kumar

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