Microgreens test day 8 and 9

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I was too tired last night and couldn't report, but here's a mix of two day.
first the day 8 of outside tray:
Overall shot: look barren for a tray sowed eight days ago

the usual suspects sprouted first, garden cress sprouted on day 4

lettuce day 7

alfalfa day 7-8

the inside tray day 9:
here's the overall

the garden cress just keeps falling over, I think they got too leggy.

dill is finally here

here's the tables:
inside tray:

Parsleyonion* - day 4dill - day 9savory - day 8Welsh onion - day 4leek - Day 2savory - Day 6
Flixweed* - Day 3lettuce* - Day 2radish* - Day 2spinach* - Day 5fenugreek - Day 2garden cress - Day 2radish -Day 2
Alfalfa - Day 2peas - day 4basil* - day 4celerybasil - day 4violet basil - Day 3clover - Day 5

outside tray is experiencing some harsh conditions :

Parsleyonion*dillsavoryWelsh onionleeksavory
Flixweed*lettuce* - day 8radish*spinach*fenugreekgarden cress - Day 4radish
Alfalfa - day 8peasbasil*celerybasilviolet basilclover

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