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I am very much grateful for everyone that has seen a need to follow me and has added to my success story here on steemit, I thank you and i promise to improve on what ever that it is you liked about my blog.

For this milestone, I am re-branding my blog and unveiling my new blog series that will blow your mind.

Firstly, we have Money Mondays.

Money Monday$ (1).png

This show will basically be talking about money and how well to make it work for you. This is a community that talks money and what better way to blog than to give you the laws of gold first rather than the gold.

So this blog show will be on weekly basis, every Monday. Keep a date with me because this promises to be profitable. Start your Monday with the right mindset.

The next blog show is called "The Rising".

The Rising.png

This blog show will be super interesting. It promises to give hope to the frustrated steemian, help the weak to become strong again, make the doubters to believe once more and teach the novice the way of the masters.

What better way to do this than to hear from the houses mouth direct. Yes this will be an interview series, it will host influential steemain and critical issues will be looked into.

Here is the catch for this show, its never been done before. After the interview has been posted, the gust to the show that week will select one person who's comments interests him/her the most and will upvote his or her 5 posts or comments with any voting power of his/choice. Sweet right? you better put your commenting cap on because the whales and dolphins are coming,

The third one is "Mind like water"


This is motivation, psychology and life.

We can't be talking about how to blog right or crypto this crypto that, Its time to focus on the value[human mind] not the price[money] and this show promises that in full.

Finally, "Behind the Scenes".[Nigeria good people great Nation]

Behind The Scenes.png

@stellablle once said in her post, that if you don't know what to write about, write about your people, your cultural or even your shoe if it has something to be talked about just write from withing.

So i created this blog series to introduce Nigeria my country to you. why i titled it Behind the scene is because, this blog post will be telling telling the story of Nigeria you don't hear in CNN or BBC, it will not be about the Nigeria that is ranked high in corruption, or about a Nigeria of Boko-haram or Chibok girls or HIV and poverty. I will tell you the other side of the story, because, there is danger in a single story.

This blog will give Nigeria to you in its beauty and wholeness. Stay turned.

I promise to make you keep wanting for more.

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