Mindfulness Living ~ Tiny Steps of Power-Wednesday 10/10/18

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Because we are beings that are resistant to change. Because we often have a hard time getting started.

And because some of us start and stop and start again and stop and because we are in a cycle or rituals and routines we find major changes or the idea of taking a big leap forward daunting or overwhelming, to say the least, why not take tiny steps or another way to look at it is “taking one bite at a time.”

As you move forward to challenge yourself. Do a 7-day challenge or if you feel comfortable doing so a 30-day challenge.

I really want to encourage you to get started. Go the way of moderation and don’t bite off more than you can chew.
Stay firm and steady at the pace you feel comfortable with and take the first tiny step towards your goal and then take another step.

Dream your dreams knowing that they can come true

When you want them and how you want them to manifest is up to you.

Take tiny steps that will lead you to big steps causing you to EVOLVE

EVOLVE Back To Who You Are

Create a world that you want to live

Create a world that nurtures and supports you.

Take yourself on an adventure and explore all your options and enjoy the journey.

Decide what you want, write it out in a brief note to yourself and if you have a lot to say write a self -proclamation.

Think about what you want to achieve and feel how this feels in the moment you decide and hold on to that thought and feeling and let nothing sway you from it. Every time doubt creeps in or negative thinking, kick it back out immediately.

Be consistent and watch the small changes you make or the small action steps shift your life for the better.

Remember taking tiny steps can be powerful and life-changing.

So what are you waiting for, what do you want to change or do now? Go ahead and get started.

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Thank you been feeling a bit retrograde in my motivation this week, needed this.....

You are welcome. You just reminded me that if it had not already happened yet Uranus will be in retrograde soon. Wishing you all the best and sending some positive energy your way. @kimmysomelove42

Great stuff @rensoul17, 100% upvote and resteemed

now we just need to find, someone who takes the boot in our back sides so that we could get a move on ! YEAH!

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