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There are two set if human being in life, those that never sees anything good about you or think that you deserve to be great, those that will always want to bring you down at every slightest opportunity, they will never appreciate your good deeds or even commend your effort when you did something great but rather jump to thumbs you down and down vote your near good efforts. This set of human being never help others to grow rather they are always envious of the progress you are making, they will try everything humanly possible to frustrate you and discourage you tenacity and determination to succeed. Trust me this set of human beings are present in all our field if endeavors, at home,at work,as friends and even on the social medium platform. Platform like this have both set if humans, there few guts around that will do anything to help others grow by voting them and encouraging on better ways at which they can improved their write up to the standard of the platform. These set of guys will give their vote to the unknown guys on the platform, unlike those that will flag, down vote and discredit your post at every available opportunity. Some if these so called big guys on the platform will hardly used their voting power to blessed the posts of these little known guys when they post something credible and worth while but when the their posts are short of top class then you will see down votes and series of flagging.

Don't get me wrong, am not saying a bad or poor post should be rewarded for below per post but what am saying is that for those that create time to down votes post should also create time to as well up votes those little known post s whenever they post a top notch one. Time without numbers i have seen the up coming bloggers been water down for different reasons.

Even at the face of all these challenges, there are guys on these platform that have taken it as a matter of concern to help lift and build others by up voting and encouraging bloggers as well correcting them on ways by which they improved and better their posts in a regular basis. My take on all if this is that when you down vote a post for what you sees as low quality, you should as well tried to up votes a better posts from little known posts as well.