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RE: Ask Not What Steemit/Steem Can do For You; Ask What You Can do For Steemit/Steem - What Are Your Expectations For 2019?

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Dear @chbartist
I'm totally agree with you. Really I'm a great fan of you, not for that you are a whale. I'm following you since I joined steemit platform. I had gone through all of your blogs and I'm aware about the message you are spreading.

I'm agree as u said if we don't planted in 2018 then there is nothing to celebrate in 2019 new year. I don't celebrate this new year because there is nothing great in my life. I didn't do something great in previous year. But this year I want to do something , I want to plant so I can harvest in 2020.

Life is all about taking risks. Bigger the risk biggest the reward. If we want to achieve something then we have to take some risk.

I'm aware about your hard work. I know how hard you are working on those blogs. I'm always with you on your blogs. I always leave a meaningful comment not only for getting votes but I want to be a part of community. But you always reward everybody for their devoted time. I love this attitude of yours.

Today I just want to thank you because after your inspiration and reading your article about positivity and motivation im working on this platform regularly so till now I had accumulated more then 70 steem on this platform. I don't regret It took me 2 months but I'm very happy to see my progress. I felt that the phrase is correct SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE.

So I'm going with you investing some amount in steem and going to do some hardwork so I could achieve my goal to become a Dolphin.

Sorry for this long comment


No worries! Just give the best of you! Read the post again it is also long and has a lot of information. Faliz New Year!