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RE: Ask Not What Steemit/Steem Can do For You; Ask What You Can do For Steemit/Steem - What Are Your Expectations For 2019?

in #mindset2 years ago

Great message dear @chbartist! Steem is the platform which has given us an opportunity to use a platform where we are able to work as a social media platform and also earn something for our contribution. It was a great idea but unfortunately it didn't work so far as it should have worked. Whales are able to self upvote their posts or make a circle where they upvote each other and get maximum benefit. This can be stopped if the users buy Steem and powerup. It will give them more authority to get the fruit of success here. I myself have powered up previous month. Unfortunately, I bought Steem when price was high. Now, it is not possible for me to invest further as it has become very difficult to buy cryptos in my country.
I hope more genuine people will buy Steem and power up. That would be really a great thing.


Hi @akdx, please pay attention and read post again. Your Mindset You'll find the answer if you're focused. Happy New Year

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