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RE: Ask Not What Steemit/Steem Can do For You; Ask What You Can do For Steemit/Steem - What Are Your Expectations For 2019?

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@chbartist Hugs.

Thanks for offering those of us who have heard your message and tag along such a wonderful opportunity. I will not be accepting your challenge this time, and send a wish for a repeat of opportunity in the future.

I Believe in Steemit and Steem and in my own way am investing in both it and myself.

Since I have begun participating again I have powered up everything I have earned. My Steemit anniversary is just days away, I will be greeting it with 400 hard earned SP. The next goal is 500...then 1000!

I have created my own 2019 challenge this year upon our homestead... Upon its success I will be in a position to consider investing $ and not just my craft and self in Steem.

Best wishes to All who accept this challenge, may you grow in whatever way you need most by the opportunities provided here. HUGS

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Thank you for your kind words and know that you are always welcome! Good Luck and Happy New Year!