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RE: Ask Not What Steemit/Steem Can do For You; Ask What You Can do For Steemit/Steem - What Are Your Expectations For 2019?

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Dear @chbartist sir!
Yes, I agree with your point that if we do not plant a plant for our time then we will get the crop from where. If we have done something good in 2018 then its benefits will definitely be available in 2019, if nothing has been done, then start an effort to do better now so that by 2020 we start getting the result. You have written absolutely right, unsuccessful people making excuses while successful people trying to find solutions to problems. The method of buying or raising steem by qualitative method is very good. Of course, if we have to grow on steemit then we must have enough resource power. And it will only be possible if we have enough steem power. I fully agree with your concept. There is no justification for celebrating the new year until we have done something good for the coming time. Only by doing celebration, everything is not good, it requires hard work and dedication.


Thank you @certain for your comment. You really understand this journey! Happy New Year!