3 Principles Underlying Your Productivity During Work Hours....

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Hello, dear friends!

In the game of success and achievement, productivity plays the most important role. Without productivity, you are just a bloke who happens to have big dreams.

There are many aspects and elements to productivity, some of which are associated with time management and techniques that preserve hours during your daily routine.

But not everything about productivity can be regarded to practical techniques. Sometimes, our mindset plays a huge role in how willing we are to work towards our goals.

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Productivity is mostly about your will, when you truly think about it.

If you have the will to do something when you are supposed to do it, then there is no need to fret endlessly about productivity and how you can boost the amount you work.

When it comes to productivity and goals, there are three underlying philosophical principles: Identity, Belief, and Capability.

Each of these principles come with questions, and the answer to those questions eventually bestow upon you the will and the determination that you require to take on any challenge and successfully handle any job.

Let us start with the first principle and the most important one: ‘Identity’

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What do we talk about when we use the word ‘identity’ to describe someone? Identity, put simply, is the essence of who we are and what role we play in the human society.

Ask yourself this question: Who am I?

What am I going to do with it?

What role am I going to fill in my society?

Asking these questions might seem difficult, because finding an answer to such dilemmas is not something anyone can bear.

But when you finally decide what your identity is, you will find it much easier to focus your attention on something.
After all, what is productivity other than your willingness to allocate a certain amount of attention to something?

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The next principle is all about your beliefs. Why are you living this life?

What do you see when you look at existence and nature?

Why are you committed to some of your tendencies?

What are your values in life?

Your belief system is important when it comes to productivity. You cannot dedicate yourself to a job that goes directly against your beliefs and values.

That is why, sometimes we find it really difficult to do something that we feel compelled to do, but goes against our system of ideals.

When you determine your beliefs, it will be much easier to work on something. Because then, you decide to dedicate yourself to something that you can wholeheartedly agree with.

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The last and final principle are your capabilities.

Capabilities are essentially our talents, flaws, shortcomings, skills, and strategies. How we approach something and how we do it is all related to our capabilities.

Time management techniques, other peculiar mindsets and philosophies about productivity and how we do our job relates to our capabilities.

By understanding your true breaking point and potential, you can address your productivity head on. How you do things is just as important as why you do them.

Becoming self-conscious of your techniques and methods will greatly improve your productivity.

Understand and think about these three principles as a foundation for your true potential and peak productivity!




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The contributions of Identity, Belief, and Capability on Job productivity cannot be over-emphasized. Like @Chbartist rightly put, Our productivity comes when we identity where we fit it, and we believe in future of that entity,and be willing give in our best (capabilities).

“Once we stumble across the right vision of complexity, it will take little to bring it to fruition. When that will happen is one of the mysteries that keeps many of us going”. Albert Barabási

This quote resonates with me because it is a simple, imaginative way I can relate the feeling.

Yeah, identity, belief and capability.

If we could identify ourselves, then we will believe that we could make it through our capabilities.

Its like our knowledge, faith and experience.
Knowing our identity, believing in our faith and using our capabilities to create experiences in life.
Thus we will be productive in our daily activities.

Dear @chbartist

It is very pleasant to read this article that places us in front of the mirror, in order to see ourselves in the purpose we have in life. I have always had a motto: Work on what you like and you will not be working, you will earn money with your hobby.

Not all the time is easy to meet that goal. Have productivity and at the same time be pleasant. On the other hand, I do not agree with having to do some work that goes against the beliefs we have or principles, whether moral or religious. You have to do what makes you feel good and also what makes you feel comfortable.

The question that most caught my attention: What role will I fill in my society? I would add another vital question: Does it really bring a benefit to those around me, the work I do, or hurt them? That is what determines if what we do is really productive. To think selfishly that we are being productive, but at the same time we are causing damage to those around us, will not be lasting, much less satisfactory in the long term. Happiness will not last long.

I will leave this article in order to review it periodically, so that I can do a self-analysis from time to time, to verify that our goals in life have not been distorted.

Greetings. A big hug!

I totally agree when you say that will is linked to productivity, no matter what the circumstances, you can achieve what you want if you have it as a permanent ingredient in what you do.

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Hi @chbartist a this post shares a detailed and nice explanation about three underlying philosophical principles: Identity, Belief, and Capability.
Such a nice post to start the weekend. I thoroughly enjoyed and want thank you this amazing piece of knowledge. Have a great weekend m

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Sometimes we are not productive because we forget our identity. Many people still searching who they are, for once in their lives tragedy swept off their feet and shattered their self-esteem and they seek to make new identities.
Yes, unproductivity is caused by our reluctance to do our best for we cannot fully give our best in the things we are not into.

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These 3 points are important in life, it is important that people have identity, in this way no one can change their course, equally beliefs, that conviction that no one can take away, and finally, the capacity, is very important, because in Based on the capacity, it is easier to establish goals that we know we can achieve, when we establish goals that are beyond our capabilities, many times the time is lost.

With the will and determination, the three names that you have mentioned, I also believe that it is absolutely accurate. If we follow the belief and the ability to follow Step-by-Step, then there will definitely be success.

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Self awareness is a key component to consider these factors you mention as leveraging can help support your goals and efforts towards them.

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@chbartist, Knowing ourselves is first most and most vital aspect because then we will know what we want to achieve in life, unfortunately some drive their life goalless and for whole life they fail to understand what truly they wanted to do. So, we have to know our Ultimate goal and then self belief will going to boosted by our dream, and productivity is oxygen when we talk about the results and productivity will going to come from the Consistency. Stay blessed.

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Dear @chbartist
Productivity is related to our interest. In those tasks which are more of our interest, we get more success in those tasks. The subject matter for productivity is time management and thematic related information. And it works according to identity, belief and our ability. First of all, they need to identify the area which we are interested in. There is a belief in the mind that in order to attain that goal, we need to prove our ability to believe. In society we are identified by our behavior and actions. A successful person is one who believes in his concerns and chooses his field of work according to his interests.

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Everything we do is what we are judged on in the world and few people take positive action on their goals at all. They fall down because they do not believe in their goals and dreams. I try to stick with the people that are moving in the right direction at least.

Good to see you here, @certain. This is a place I come for motivation on most days :)

Understanding our potential is necessary. I agree from your perspective.
Keep on inspiring!
Also I wanted to share an important issue
do grab a little time to read!

muy buen articulo sobre la eficiencia y productividad felicitaciones...

So right. Capability, belief and identity are powerful tools and usually I love to believe that I can do something, I am capable and I am able as my identity. Thanks so much for sharing life coach.

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@chbartist is at it again with a brilliant piece. This post greatly brings to bare two principles that I live by daily and that is: "once there is a will, there is a way" and "use the power of your mind to overpower the fatigue of your body. Often times we have the productivity mindset but it gets limited by the laziness of our body and the deficiency of tools required to achieve our aim. But we should have it at the back of our mind, time awaits no one and so we should be up and doing at all times.

excelente post, si ademas que uno mismo aveces se tranca actividades por cosas tonta que afectan la productividad. saludos

This statement – "Sometimes, our mindset plays a huge role in how willing we are to work towards our goals." – Could have started with the first word being oftentimes! Our mindset has a great impact on our motivation to proceed. Sometimes we have to take a step back to evaluate and determine if our capabilities are having an impact on our beliefs. This has ramifications on how we perceive our identity. There is great synergy among these three philosophical principles. Thanks for the food for thought.

I think that capabilities and my goals are most important if talk about me. Because it determs speed of my work and way which I'll use when I'm doing my work.

Great blogg about identity, belief and capability bro @chbartist...

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ok dear you have great sense i want to add something to it a business man can only achieve his goal, if he know that that he is enjoying that or he is doing it for the sake of money,if he is enjoying that he wiil never get bore in working because it is he in actual ,whoes menatlity and potential is simply business and he is born for that so he will find himself a great businessmen bcz business is his passion not only his source of money.in simple do what you enjoy in doing either it is carreir or something else.

esta todo muy bien pero que hay de la pasion y la inspiración tambien deberían ser fudamentales para encontrar nuestra identidad y aun mas nuestra productividad que opinas

If we have answers to these questions, our productivity will undoubtedly be more efficient, knowing our capabilities will not show how far we can go, our identity, belief and ability play an extremely important role ...

Yes friend you're good define identify your identity believe and capabilities.
All the decide way of achieving goals.

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Three principal is most important Better life menagment through the understand that formula.
Nicly discribe.

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Thx for this advices i Will think about it u are alwyse very good . GentleBot dont forget me i need uuu

Do you have the "Will Power" Steemians? Then check out your productivity increase, in everything we do, the attachment of importance determines its growth a certain proportion. Thank you chbartist!

Incredibly inspiring as always!"Thoughts determine what you want, actions determine what you get". Procrastinating will not get your further than you are so productivity is key. Stay busy to succeed. Positive thoughts for a great day!

Excelente Post hermano, me gusto mucho soy de Venezuela y nuevo en steemit, que grato que se encuentre muy buen contenido en la plataforma. Exito y un gran saludo!

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How many of you have these 3 major principles in their life Identity, Belief, and Capability?

Quieres ser mi coach @chbartist 😎

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