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Hi Steemians, how are you all?

First of all I would like to thank the steemians that on the penultimate blog I could see many people voting for each other. I've seen 8 9 12 upvotes, but I realized that you forgot about our commitment to the generosity I've always wanted to build on this blog. Remember to go back to the previous blog whenever you comment on this post because you may have been the first or last to write and comment on the previous post and for a community it costs us nothing to go back to the previous post and give an upvote that you can see who didn't receive upvotes because they read and commented after you. I'm sure I'll still see with the help of you this blog with people taking 50, 60 upvotes. We go together on this mission because generosity strengthens our mind and our way of acting and it is best to know that when we are in this condition you will know that you are not alone.


Today I'm going to write about something very important to understand. I've previously written a post saying that money doesn't corrupt people it just potentiates what it's always been.

Following this paradigm I see many people who are generous and this is a virtue but at the same time you have to know the time to be generous.

I'm not saying that we should not be generous sometimes and it is very important that you understand the message that I'm transmitting to you. Always remember the Positive Mindset, don't see things on the negative side, always see the positive side of the message.

I see many generous people but they don't yet have a condition for some actions.

We have to understand that to help others first we need to help ourselves because if we are generous and we get richer at the moment our generosity will be enhanced and we can be generous without harming ourselves.

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What I mean is:


I know this may sound selfish but it is not and I say this because I often see people helping others not having the conditions for it. They help only because of the sense of guilt that generous people have in their hearts and they feel guilty in saying SORRY BUT "NOW I CAN'T"

I'll give a classic example of this.

Everyone here must know the history of the Andes survivors.

The plane was carrying a football team and collided on the mountain in the Andes, many passengers died but some survived.

I'm not going to tell you all about the story here because you can watch the movie.

But in that situation they had very little supply to survive but they survived because they made the right decision. And what was it?

Suppose we were in the same situation and we have 10 survivors but we have 10 chocolate bars and 10 gallons of water.

We would have 2 options:

1 - Divide equally among the 10 that would give 1 for each person and wait for help, but remember that this would be little supply to risk until a rescue team arrives.

2 - We can choose 2 people and give half of the supplies to them and ration what remains among us that we will wait for them to find help. Why that? Because if we have the capacity and see who are the least injured, stronger and leaders who do not want to run the risk of waiting for a rescue team because they understand that with the equal division of supplies will all die until the rescue team finds the plane .

I would not hesitate to choose option 2.

It was the same decision of the leaders of the survivors of the history of the Andes.

The survivors gave almost the entire supply to 2 leaders to find help and because of that decision a person found a village and gave the coordinates to where the rescue should go to rescue the other survivors.

If they had not made that decision everyone would have died because they would never be found.

What I mean is that you have to be strong enough to be able to help the maximum of people and that is not selfishness.

I can say that this is having the ability to see ahead and know that you will be strong to be much more generous.

I will not be talking about people I've helped, but many times I've often paid the hypermarket bill because I saw that they didn't have the money to buy the basic items they needed among many other generous attitudes on my journey.

I hope you have understood the message in a positive way because I can give it to everyone that when we think of becoming stronger financially with the generous spirit it is a fuel for us to reach our goal faster.




Dear @chbartist sir!
How will he give light to others who will crave themselves for lights? This line is exactly right on your article. If we are not able to help ourselves then how can we help others? To help others, it is necessary to be self-enabled first.Along with us, many partners in the community are following your positive ideology and are trying to give as much as possible to the community. This is the result of your relentless hard work, which is getting innovation in the community.

Many thanks @certain and I'm grateful that you are part of this community.

Always great said my friend @chbartist ,I agree with you that to help others first we should be strong ourself.
We can only help if we are capable of doing it. It could only be possible if we prioritize ourself.
I really appreciate your effort towards building a strong community. I how also seen that a lot of people are upvoting each other, it's just because of your mindset.
Visit me here @coolguy222 ,it will be appreciated

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Thank you for you kind words friend! Go ahead!

I truely understand the message from the positive side.
We should indeed first help ourselves before going to help others..
Thanks for sharing this article with us all.

Thank you friend! Have a good day!

And you too, may yours be positive..

Eso depende de la circunstancia, en mi caso y el de los venezolanos, el gentilicio y generosidad se perdió por la crisis económica, cada quien anda salvando su pellejo a costa de cualquier cosa, tiempos difíciles ponen a la gente en sus peores facetas, la actualidad ha puesto al mundo en amenaza a sí misma.

Yo entiendo a usted amigo y me siento triste de ver la situación de su país, pero estoy seguro de que esto va a fortalecerlos mentalmente y eso todo en el futuro tendrá que tener una recompensa para su nación. ¡Yo estoy con ustedes!

@chbartist! Teamwork, community with positive mindset people is the key factor of success. I think helping others means helping own. thank you.

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Exactly friend. Move on together!

Precisely one of God's commandments says: Love your neighbor as yourself. It does not say like the neighbor, nor like your mom ... It says Love your neighbor as yourself.

So we should start by checking if we are up to date with ourselves and then see if we can help others. It would be very hypocritical on our part if we offered help in bankruptcy. No one can give of what he does not have.

Good Words,No one can give of what he does not have. Regards

We always think positive for others.Life is to short and spend good.We always always helps the others.We always respect the peoples.I also totally appriciate with you.We helping poor psoples God helps you.Really great and valuable article.Thanks for sharing.@Chbartist.

Great post. If you are rich, God bless you with your wealth to help those who may be poor for you to help them. God say love your neighbour as yourself not more than yourself. But if you know you are still even yet capable to help others, try to help yourself first before you can help others

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Yes totally agree with you.
When alone is tried, then all the things in the world are very difficult to think. On the other hand, when everything is mixed up, one moves forward with each other, then it seems that all the tasks are very simple. That's the ultimate reality. If we go through mutual cooperation, then we will succeed.

Come together Friend!

This is really breaking the paradigm.
As children, we were always told to help and prioitize others as this is a godly quality but I suppose this is not always true in digital age.
Your writings make us think
Thanks @chbartist

In some sort, prepare yourself to help others. Helping others just because you want recompense would not do. You will just breed resentment in your heart. Help others to succeed for you to succeed. Thanks for the great post

Thank you friend!

Well said sir if we want to help others then wr have to strong enough first.
Really a great example. The story of their survivers really great. Some of them are alive because they follow the right decision.
It is complsury to become strong in order to help others.
Thanks for this awesome article.

This is always a challenging paradigm as society most times say different... However, I have also seen that when you help other gets past challenges few remain to help in return when needed. So I would definitely agree that one must help yourself to be able to help others.

It's like I said, people often make this mistake because they feel guilty for saying no. But this is also because there are people who are manipulative and make people feel this sense of guilt and with that they end up benefiting from the generosity of people.Don't forget, upvote each others Regards

You are absolutely right that we can be liberal without harm to ourselves, we should continue to tour and community

All of US! Regards

I completely agree, be strong enough to help others, as said charity begins at home.
Keep up with good content.

One hundred and ten percent agree with this.

In the night I decided to wake up early, that was my decision now if I don’t respect myself I will never be able to fulfill that decision. Similarly carrying out that decision is the same as prioritising yourself.

We need to work on ourselves before we can help other people, less we pass on their negativity and it then affects us in our daily life.

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Exactly! Don't forget, upvote each others

Very true...It is not just enough if we have the mindset to help others,however we should be cautious and intelligent enough to think how capable are we to handle the situation to help others which should not end up in more confusion.We should prepare ourselves in all angles before giving an helping hand. That being said, it should be taken in a positive way!!

Great comment @vanddy, Don't forget, upvote each others Regards

Oh yeah, I did!

I completely agree with you friend @chbartist one has to be strong enough to support others. Without self strongness it's very difficult to help people.

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We always want to help others ... and I had not seen it that way ... you're right ... if I does not help me first, as I do later to help others. Thanks for the advice. I had not seen It from that point of view.

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Read the comment of @certain

I completely agree with your point of view, generosity is the best policy.

Thanks for yet another great post. I think of it this way, if I can't help myself how then can I help others. Honestly it's one of the reasons I strive and work hard, to be able to help and be there in time of other's needs.

Understand, jus give a upvote. I think that you can do. Move on...

Hard decision. And the key to even being able to think about this.... Is calmness. If they had of been too excited to think tmstraight then there wouldn't be time to discuss such an option.

Fear is a powerful thing. And can make rational people act in ways that we can't understand. Being calm in a situation is usually the only way to survive.

When experiencing problems of deliberation it is very necessary to make a decision, so that it can be used for the common good.

To help actually means you have what it talks to support someone. I agree with the fact that you have to prioritize yourself before giving out a helping hand. Be sufficient before you give out. Thanks @chbartist. Your contribution towards this community is amazing.

Thank you friend. Don't forget. Upvote each others

Yes sir. Youre welcome

It may sound selfish to help yourself first but if you don't have you cant give.
At the same time it is also in giving that we recieve. I can recall when i started following your blog, I tried to understand your mindset and i carried out the ideology. You really reciprocated by helping me build my reputation in this community. You even promoted my blog. I couldn't have been this opportune d if i didn't give from my little resources.
Thanks for the much you have done
regards friend

I seriously agree with you; that you must first help yourself before you show off your generosity. I haven often fallen a victim of helping someone who should help himself but feel like asking or in quote begging is far easy that finding some work to do. This is common and almost a norm in Africa and some parts of Asia like in Malaysia where I studied.

Thanks for this great message. It was talking to me directly. I understand your point of view because I have been in situations like this

Great! Thank you!

What a beautiful post at this time.. I resteem this

Thank you, Don't forget, upvote each others. Have a nice day.

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Great take on things you have. But this story tells more of the human will to survive, turning to cannibalism at the very last moment. People need to contend with their conscience and their fight for survival, a lesson which can be applied to ordinary day life

How can i have a contrary opinion, it not only sound best but there is a story which is a perfect example to prove that. This is something good to think about.

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Well said sir, I myself have always thought about the idea of how the poor people are more inclined to be generous than rich people and that has scrached my mind for some time but then i realized that it is just a matter of perspective and personal prefference. I have this personal quote related to this topic at hand which goes like this "The poor are generous because they know how it is to be poor but the generous are not generous because they are afraid of becoming poor". A productive day further!

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