I Fight Every Day for a Why; How Big is Your ‘Why’?

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Hi Steemians!

The greatest source of inspiration and motivation for moving forward in life with all our dreams are the reasons for which we fight. Let us take a closer look at the most powerful phenomenon that lights our path even in the darkest hours of our life!

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What is your ‘why’? Why do you fight? What is it that you fight for? Have you ever thought about that? Have you ever paid the attention that was due about the reasons you wake up every day and start fighting against the endless challenges that life has prepared for you?

Why do you fight? Do you wish to become wealthy? Do you wish to leave a mark on this world? Do you envision a future without poverty and cruelty? Do you want to make living worthwhile for the people closest to you?

Do you wish to find salvation? What is it that you wish for? Why do you fight? Ask yourself this. Ask it here and now. Ask it at this very moment. Why do you fight?

The ‘why’ is important. Without this why, you can never become who you are supposed to be. You can never go beyond the realms of what is reasonable for your physical health.

Without this why, you can never hope to find light at the end of the tunnel. You can never be free of the shackles that bind you to your follies and weaknesses. Ask yourself this. Why do you fight?

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Up to this moment, you have procrastinated and prolonged your own destiny. You have always had the will to try, but you lacked the strength to carry you in the direction of your own choice and desire. You lacked your own self-awareness of the ‘why’ that drives you forward.

For everything we ever do in this life, every step, every movement, every action, every thought, every breath, every desire, every surge of emotion, every triumph and victory, every good day and bad day, every suffering and pain, every joy and excitement, there is a ‘why’ and that reason is at the core of the meaning behind the existence of everything.

That ‘why’ may be abstract, but it is a source of great mental power. How much do you think about the ‘why’ of your actions and your decisions every day? Have you even thought about them before? If not, then ask yourself this.

Why do you fight?

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Even if you know your reason and your ‘why’, you are hardly ever aware of it. Our minds are deceptive and forgetful, and in this wearisome and long journey of life, it is absolutely reasonable to forget our ‘why’, the reasons for which we fight.

But take a look at the lives of the most successful people you have known. Take a look at their darkest hours, and search for the torch of light that helped them overcome the weight of darkness.

Do you know what compelled Buster Douglas to fight back against the enormity of his opponent, Mark Tyson? Do you know how he won against the undefeated champion of professional boxing?

Do you know what drove Rosa Parks to stand up against injustice and tolerate all the suffering that she did so she could speak the word of truth? Or any other champion in the history of the human race, with all their fervency and bravery and courage that became symbols of pride and grace in the face of our most despicable afflictions?

I have only but one reasonable answer to that question: Their ‘why’ was greater than the constant storm of disapproval. Their ‘why’ was greater than the deceptions of their greed. Their ‘why’ was greater than any force that would get in the way of where they were and where they wanted to be. Their ‘why’ was more powerful than the defeats and failures and obstacles that they faced.

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Ask these questions of yourself. What are your reasons? What is going to defeat you? What is going to stop you? Will you let anything come in your way? Will you let any challenge, hardship, or incident dissuade you from going after the things you want?

What is the secret to constant motivation and inspiration to push forward in all our beliefs?

But most importantly, ask yourself this. Why do you fight? And how big is your ‘why’?

As Nietzsche said, ‘He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.’




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Thanks All of You!!!!


Really a good article. Finding the reason why we are working or doing something is really important. Bigger the goal bigger the efforts.
Such a motivational article thanks for your efforts and sharing.

It's true ... my why is more powerful than everything that crosses my path ... I would overcome everything because of that ... because it really is my engine, and because it really is my treasure, and only I want that treasure to be safe, and I would do anything to make that possible, that's why I take care of myself not to get sick and not fail it to my why, that's why I wake up every day to fight, so as not to fail my why, that's why every day I put in hands of God my why ... because without that why, I think my life would not make sense ... my GREAT WHY.... are my two beautiful daughters ... for which I fight every day, and it is true, for them I would move heaven and earth ...

Every fight has a why, even civil wars has a why, but personally I fight for my eternal life to be in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ for I am Purchased of the Lord with His precious Blood. My fight is not as beating in the air, but I fight the worldly lifestyle, the flesh and the devil's prevalent vices. This is my personal reasons why I fight.

1 Timothy 6:12
Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.

Philippians 3:14 I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.

This is the reason why I fight!

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An inspiring post. Great to see you step up and lead. We need more stake holders who hold steem, not just to be bag holders, but people who genuinely contribute to it's growth and community

Your post reminded me of this quote. An upvote for the person who can guess where it's from!

"you come to be with the what, but you do not know the why!"

Hi Chbartist, what would you say keeps you motivated? I usually have a goal in mind that I want to achieve and even when I know I'm capable of achieving this goal there are always people that get in my way, sometimes just to drag me down. I have recently been more determined to shrug off the haters and keep going, and I think that's what life is about. Set a goal and go after it. People will try to drag you down, but you can't let them.

What motivates us is our goals and dreams and I wrote a post about dream thieves, so you can read this post on it are all the answers you need.


@the4thmusketeer, I forgot One detail! In steem what keep me motivate is I do my best to see this community grow and grow UP! Always with Respect, generous, Positive Mindset and help each other that stay here! Regards

Yes, I agree. I am and we all are in need of community support right now. I think we need to fight back against scammers and those who wish to make this a community of hate.

Exactly friend!

Every person in the world tries to succeed and attempts to succeed.
He also tries to earn money.But there are few select people who get their destination.And give the world a lesson.
Our thinking should be bigger than these question marks.

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As always, your article is very knowledgeable today. We thank you for that. Thank you. @chbartist

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@chbartist, great writing about the mission in life. What's the mission of your life?

Everybody has her/his destiny in the life. We live for different reasons since we're seeing different respective of the nature and society. The motivations drive the whole human race to survive and thrive. In some degree , the number of people you can help measures your contribution to the entire world. That also drives more and more individuals to contribute to the future abundance of the civilization.

BTW, can you add me into your list of community. :P


Me encantó este post, amigo, @chbartist. debemos luchar por nuestros sueños y metas y más aun sí tenemos por quien hacerlo. Me llamo la atención estas frases "Como dijo Nietzsche, "El que tiene un por qué vivir puede soportar casi cualquier forma". Gracias por compartir son muy inspiradoras. Un abrazo desde Venezuela.

@chbartist yes we fight every for a reason it can be our career,it can be for food or other matter can be also but no one is away from this everybody have to do this. And if we talk about its time then it will our fault because defend on that person how long he can take to manage it what he need ? And I need happiness. @ankitjnv

@chbartist sir, you are amazing. This post is so amazing, waking up reading these posts make whole day motivated.

More than extra ordinary post ! A big thanks to @chbartist for sharing👍.... God bless your community.

Yes! Agree! Regards

no one is born by accident, nor by chance, all born with a divine purpose, and until that purpose is not fulfilled you are invincible, what we must find is the purpose for which we come to earth, since I was small I was focused on that purpose divine, and every time I have obstacles, I declare, it is not the time to surrender because I have not yet fulfilled the mission, that leads me to empower myself with more strength and more courage to continue fighting, with the help of God. For me, life is like an orchestra where God is the director.

One must know his/her destination before settinf forward their journey! Without knowing your north, you could not determine the roadmap tonyour achievements! Knowing is not only the first step but also the fuel to guide and motivate you forward.

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best inspiring article of the day due to my view, people need to work on this by reading these articles only then they will get success.

Reading this really reminded me of all the times I started something and quit half way because I did not have the motivation to do so... As in, I did not have a 'why' strong enough or the will strong enough to continue in what I was to doing to get what I wanted...

Recently though, I have a 'why' that will not be broken down by any hardships I face in life. Coming from the background I do, I want to succeed even if I don't have the support or help from any of my friends and family, because I'm not not doing it for them... I am doing all this for myself and it is sad that it took me so long to realize it...

This is a great post, I cannot wait for more... They are really inspiring and always seem to relate to something that I have been going through in my everyday life :)

The hard work and effort you put into your work is encouraging and I learn a lot from them, so thanx :D

There is a very motivational post. I believe that from the very day we understood the meaning of this, our almost problem will end. Thanks for sharing.

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Your why is really important because it’s the reason for which you get up in the morning and continue fighting on. If your why doesn’t exist or is quite small then you won’t be able to do anything in the future at all.

Thanks for this man, we gotta keep the why big to make the footsteps we make big.

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Excellent writing, know yourself well is the best method, if anyone can know himself, he will find all the answers of his life.

A good post, and i agree with a lot you are saying and asking. With that said, i do know what i am fighting and what i am struggling for. But for some (like me), it is not so easy like changing your mindset, or you do this or that in a different way and your there. No, mate, ... sometimes it is very, very hard to reach your goals, almost impossible. And when you come to realize that, that your goals are almost unreachable, when that hits you ... you need people to be there for you. Otherwise the hole is deeper then you can imagine. I’m saying this, because i know i am a fighter, but i also know that i can be broken, i have also been at that stage several times now. I do believe that life has a plan for all of us, it is undeniable that there’s intelligent design at it’s cores. I’m not saying that it is god, allah, buddah or whatever. Definitely not, all belief systems have been used as a system of control us.

Reaspect your words in this article, they are very strong and motivating. I feel more animated and with a clear vision of my goals. You are great and very inspiring.

I had not detailed the comments, I would like to be part.

Greetings from Venezuela.

Being hopeful, working hard, aspire to live an exemplarily life without knowing why, you will surely go no where.
But knowing why is very important in this generation more than it has ever been, because they are so many distraction, discouragement and discovering of something new, to remain grounded you real need to know your strong and fat why

I think it's fair to fight for yourself. Sometimes people don't value you and take you for granted in such cases we must voice out. I believe in silent working nature and don't mess up but sometimes people poke me for no reasons and then I fight for myself and this is fair. Thanks for the post @chbartist

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Wow, I can't keep up with the growth of the list! I'm trying to go over the blogs of each person in there, find posts that I like to upvote and comment, but it's growing tremendously. That's a great thing. As for the why I fight, I think sometimes, it can be something as small as to simply make it to the other day. With my health, it's already an extremely big goal to live each days as unhindered as possible.

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I have lost my why long time ago .

As a kid , i have a lot dream . But a long the way i found out that dream is impossible for me about that time. I find my why to fought it back , but i lost along the way . I live life like a zombie 🧟‍♀️. I get through the time just because im breathing and nothing to do , nothing to fight . I think its better for me to sleep 💤 forever . Im tired of this world .

But something change me time to time , when i start travel and see more people is poorer than me but live their live as there a no tomorrow. They smile even they are sick , they found something that drive their life .

Then i look in my zombieself . Why i cant be like them . I was lost but still not defeat. I sit and think why im still alive , it was because God has give me second chance in life . i personally didnt think why , but looking them , and thinking of my parent make me want to live again. To find life that i lost . To find my why and to become hero of my life .

God bless you and me

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@chbartist sir!
Why are so many people linked to this post? Why so many steemains are contributing in this post? Why they are helping with each other? If we try to find the answer of these questions,then we will find a very detailed answer. Because here we are all getting all the things that lead us on the path of success in life. In fact, why the word is broad and deep in itself. Why word is the main source of our mental strength. In the same words, the cornerstone of our life remains.

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Dear @chbartist
when i was reading this post, the three questions passed through my mind were

  1. Why i am reading this post?
  2. Why you are posting this one?
  3. Why i am commenting here?
    I think, a great part of the answer for the 'WHY' in my life is here, in my doubts!!!

1 - I don't know!
2 - Because I wanted to post
3 - I don't know! Tell for all of us.


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