Missed Opportunities...

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Hi steemians,

It happens to all of us, and it sure has happened to me. At some point in time life shows us a great opportunity for growth and we dismiss it due to fears. Its normal I guess, but what’s important is that we learn to recognize when we are not in control of our emotions, so that it doesn’t happen too often.

I’m sure others can relate to the feeling and fall back into unproductive thinking: “If only I had done….. “ - as they say hindsight is always 20/20 but no one ever fixed anything with hindsight thinking. So what’s the lesson we are failing to learn here?

To me it boils down to this: Take a chance, give yourself the opportunity to try something new.

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If you’ve done your research, if you are confident in your investments, and it doesn’t matter what type we are talking about here; traditional, emotional or cryptocurrencies like is the case with STEEM, give yourself the opportunity to see it through.

I could not begin to tell you how many times when I was younger I missed opportunities, and how many times I regretted those decisions. It’s not an exaggeration that we regret more what we don’t do, over what we actually did.

To me cryptocurrencies today are at a peak point of opportunity. We are so early in the game, and there is no denying this at all. How many more years until we go mainstream? I don’t know, but I do know that I will be grateful to have endured the difficult times, and so will those who stuck around.

Until next time



Many times it has happened to me that I regret not having taken advantage of the opportunities presented to me, it is very difficult to get rid of this retrospective vision, but I only remember what you say in this post that this thought does not solve anything, and at the beginning it is difficult to stop thinking in that, but then what I remember makes me react and I try to see what I can do productive today in the present.

So here's a story about regret. I am a singer by trade and in my younger days I was given word of a new talent show that was about to start its first season. Not many people knew about it and I had the chance to have quick access because of the people I knew. At the time i thought, "I'm too good for this." So I didn't audition. It turned out to be the top talent show for years. That was American Idol and the first person who won, Kelly Clarkson, was from the next town over from where I grew up. Pride kept me from seeing what was in front of me and it just goes to show that we never know what is going to happen and we should take every opportunity.

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Talk about missed opportunities! Years ago, around 2010 or so, I created a maybe not-so-great game, but nonetheless, I found a sponsor. He offered me to pick a reward, either $50 USD or 200 Bitcoins. I chose the $50 USD...

Yup, hindsight is 20/20

Great post. Your posts are always encouraging. They motivate me for sure. Fear is a deadly powerful thing.

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Ahhh regret of missing opportunities.... Cant beat that

Dear @chbartist sir!
Losing the opportunity is not enough to pay as much as the time spent wasted after it.Losing opportunities will not end the opportunity.Opportunities in life are sure to meet again, but on the occasion our future depends, such opportunities are rarely available.Take away your fears, concentrate on your goal, control the inclinations of the mind and the inferiority of the mind, wake up the self-confidence, then with firm determination move your goal towards it. Believe it will be successful in availing opportunities. Regards

I agree with you. After we lose the opportunity, we can further waste time regretting the missed opportunity. SMH. Life is seasonal and cyclical. Like you said, when new opportunities do come around we need to be prepared to move forward. Thank you for your insight on this.

Hi @chbartist

Today i wrote a post that it is a same thinking with yours and i agree with your opinion that is a opportunity for us.

My post below;


The use of opportunities is an attitude, everyone is presented to us, you condition your mental scheme to start any new initiatives towards a better future, sowing barriers between whether or not to do so depends on you, not on anyone else, control of You must assume your life, and always maintained that what is harmful in our life is to stop doing what at a time in your life you consider good for you, then comes the regret because I did not do it "nothing will serve you such a regret", we have all been past that a moment of our lives have lost excellent opportunities both personal development and economic well-being, for the simple fact of not overcoming the fear of entering new fields, this we have to associate with our culture, unfortunately, a culture of limitations, of short futuristic vision, but just as I tell you, it is never too late when you are determined to change your attitude and thus to face new challenges for your conquest of new opportunities. dades

Correct. We have to get past our fears and develop a new mindset / attitude towards our vision and our future. You are right about it never being too late.

Greetings friend, thank you for your comment, I express to you that the decision to achieve is exclusively personal, the fear of the challenge is the most toxic barrier to discover your potential, the human talent is natural, it is in us to expose it to light and discard the darkness, and become a reflection of hope and therefore stimulators of success.

Agree! Success Friend!

I didn't buy any Bitcoin when it was under $1K and I have regretted it soooo much :(

To me missed opportunity is not so matter. If you put condition to you success with a particular path, then the feeling of missed opportunity or regrets arises. But if you be a learner and seaker, you will be satisfy what ever the path you choose consciously or circumtansly. Because every path will give you a new experiences, and life is nothing more than a experience way of learning. To increase the horizon of your perception. But alas we keep our happiness and success to the hand of others.

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This is how I see Steem right now! When i first started I would think how smart those that bought below $1 were given the potential of the ecosystem so I even started buying at $3.90. The ecosystem has continued to evolve and create some great additions despite adoption slowing and some uninspired accounts giving up, but the fundamentals remain and I think I am now one of the smart guys accumulating Steem here.

I think we do not miss opportunities ,if you have the opportunity then you are the luckiest person in the world. Believe me life is very beautiful for those who used opportunities in a right way.
Thanks @chbartist ,I appreciate you effort and work as always.

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People say one gets to know his best when he misses a golden opportunity,....But I believe missing opportunities is the best lame excuse one can get for not becoming successful in life....

Once gone should be something that has gone forever ......But one should learn from his missed opportunities to not make it happen again and again......

To me Missed opportunities makes a man perfect......

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pportunities surround our lives all the time, fears sometimes do not let us take them and let them go, then we repent, we must believe in us which will give us confidence to make the most of the opportunities that are presented to us every day, one thing if it is certain that the opportunities usually do not repeat themselves all the time the most important ones only happen once in our lives

You are very wise in what you are saying. I learned from my mother that God does present us opportunities daily. And like you just said, I learned from my mother that some opportunities are indeed a once in a lifetime.

Great Post Chbartist, I always said if knew 10 years ago what I know today things would be so much different, but we learn and grow from are mistake and failures.

Dear Sir, life throw opportunities continuously, if we missed some of them then we should move on and focus on our present.

@chbartist it has happened to me, it is time to control fears, which is the first cause of letting go of good opportunities

Missed opportunity
I experienced it many times when I'm trying to take decision but due to fear not able to act. That fear become a very big mistake to me. There is a recent example about cryptocurrency I'm trying to buy digitex Futures but due to fear of bear market I don't get enter now it's 35x that is the cause if you don't trust on your own.

For me now days cryptocurrency is a great opportunity to begin because all the good coins testing their all time low from January 2018. We just have to show patient to gain good profit.

As u said all of us regret for that missed opportunity rather than thinking about that we have to move on because the plan already taken off. We have to wait and identify other plan which is ready to take off and buy a ticket and simply on board and just wait for the take off.

Thanks for the his awesome post


Sir, you said this very good thing that every person gets a second chance when he has lost his first chance, we just need to understand it, but sometimes we have such situations when you fail to understand it And make a very big mistake, but we should try to understand this rather than forgetting such occasions and should always try to remain concentrated.
And this has happened to me many times, when I have failed to understand such an occasion but now I will not be such a mistake. Now I am waiting for an opportunity which I will get

It's true, I'm a little scared in new things, hahaha. and as you say, sometimes opportunities are allowed to pass and then ... repentance comes ... I will take your advice into consideration! Thank you.

yes ,, it just happened to me also

bro thanks for the advice!👍

Excellent advice
Its a fine balance between opportunity, belief and calculated risk

I have missed a lot of opportunities that O later regreted in my life. The highest was the opportunity to buy botcoin at a very low price when a friend introduced it to me. But one this is for sure. I never allowed them to put me off. Instead I learn from them and prepare for another ones.

@chbartist! I had also missed many opportunities. But I regreted also. But I understand from the blog that confidence will have encouragedd me to take a chance in opportunity time. So, I need positive minset people very much like you. In this case I have to positive at first. I comment in your blog because I think your all well wishers have positive mindset, That actually what I find out.
Thank you brother.

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Me gusto mucho tu publicación. Es cierto el miedo nos frena a hacer muchas cosas, tenemos una gran oportunidad enfrente de nuestras narices y no la aprovechamos por la simple la razón de que, pensamos demasiado las cosas (aunque no siempre esta mal) de "que tal si" o "y si pasa esto" etc. no nos arriesgamos. Como dicen por ahí: Una vida sin riesgos, es una vida no vivida.

Actually all these depend on maturity, when I was ten years old, the thinking of twenty years is completely different and so on as much as we grow up our maturity, ability, experience will help us not to miss the opportunity which we see infront of us. Thanks my friend for your nice article. wish you a good day. regards.

De criptomonedas se muy poco. Por eso doy gracias a Dios de que estoy en steemit porque de alguna manera me estoy familiarizando con ese mercado de las criptos que cada vez se amplía más.

Again, very pertinent and informative. Merci chbartist!

I've made many bad decisions in my life, more than good ones, but joining steemit is one of the greatest ones in my life. Nice post! Keep up the good work!

Consistency and perseverance birth success.

I had a similar missed opportunity. Reality is, no one owns it but me. I made the choices. I own the decisions. When I could have stood in my own self and owned taking up space in the world, I shrank. I let myself be shrunk. I listened to the critics and the insecure and the desperate. I let them influence me, convince me and I acted. I acted by doing nothing at all and letting a lot of people and opportunities and relationships pass me by.

I agree with you. There’s no rewind button on life, and regret doesn’t move us forward.

True! Me too, I have a lot left to contribute and create. Even with the things I messed up and missed in the middle and the people I regretfully left behind.

Yes, delaying decisions so long the opportunity is completely missed. Now, I never allowed anyone to put me off and I learn if the opportunities come i will get it right away.

Once I lost an opportunity for my fears but of all these fears that I have had I reconsidered and I said that I have to think things better. Encouragement has happened to all of us. Good luck

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Sad but true

You are not the only one.@chbartist

It is good to be able to reflect on your past choices and make better decisions going forward. Certainly, it is challenging to take risk in life; but often the reward of simply putting yourself out there is greater than the loss experienced if we didn't try at all. Great article!

Good post. We can all relate to this. We can over think the process and suffer from "paralysis from analysis" You are correct, once we have done our homework, give yourself the opportunity to succeed. It applies to investments and to relationships. When I was younger, I really liked someone. I was too afraid to take the chance. Years later I found out she liked me just as much as I liked her.

Maybe that's how life works, we miss opportunities, make mistakes , learn from them and try to be the best version of ourselves

Yes, it happens. Just take the lesson from it and grow, then move on.

Lo irónico es que hoy venía pensando en las oportunidades que había dejado pasar y que sólo yo era la culpable de mi situación, somos dueños de nuestro destino... me encantó tu post

keep happy

In my life there were many situations when i had a chance or opportunity to do react and grow fast.... But, on that time i had a fear of failure, which stopped me from taking the risk....
But, after reading you sir i just remembered the lines ones said by
Henry Ford....

"Failure is Simply the opportunity, To begin again this time with more intelligently...."

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you are too take always good post. thanks for sharing

Opportunity we talked about surrounds every living standing soul on earth. It is like having something not ready to miss but when it happens that it is been missed, oh boy, forget it, it can never come back again.

Opportunity ones missed can be regain. It is better we find something we can lay our hands on in other not to get pissed up when opportunity is been wasted. I bet you, ones you apply this tactics, it can not bother you if opportunity is been missed.

Being a steemian is an opportunity. Being where we are today, is an opportunity. Being alive today, is an opportunity. Posting in @chbartist wall by commenting on his post is an opportunity. Mind you, opportunity comes but ones. Learn how to make a solid use of any opportunity that comes you way.

Thanks so much @chbartist for always motivating us all with your words of motivations.

Opportunity we talked about surrounds every living standing soul on earth. It is like having something not ready to miss but when it happens that it is been missed, oh boy, forget it, it can never come back again.

Opportunity ones missed can be regain. It is better we find something we can lay our hands on in other not to get pissed up when opportunity is been wasted. I bet you, ones you apply this tactics, it can not bother you if opportunity is been missed.

Being a steemian is an opportunity. Being where we are today, is an opportunity. Being alive today, is an opportunity. Posting in @chbartist wall by commenting on his post is an opportunity. Mind you, opportunity comes but ones. Learn how to make a solid use of any opportunity that comes you way.

Thanks so much @chbartist for always motivating us all with your words of motivations.

there are 2 kinds of people in the world, 1st planer, and 2nd one is opportunist, if you miss many life changing chance bcz of fear. it means something is not going according to your planning, so therefore, my point of view is that stop planning, became a opportunist and don't miss any opportunity.

Its always about the fear , its so hard to face the fears and pass them

Dear @chbartist lovely and great to read your post. Its really very positive for as well for others who thinking and reading about investement in cryptocurriencies. Thanks.

@chbartist :

I have done many bad or losing decisions in my life, more than good ones, but joining steemit is one of the greatest ones in my life. ! Keep up the good work!
And sir post is always nice because you have a lot of goodwill and experty in your field work .
Nice post!

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Opportunities are the chances and choices we make when we look back after some time. You are very right and I have felt the same way in many aspects while growing up to now.
Keep writing !!! Happy Steeming !!!

La vida nos ofrece oportunidades que muchas veces por temor a fracasar o el miedo a no saber que pasará las dejamos a un lado; por tal motivo pienso que debemos tomar las oportunidades siempre y cuando mantengamos pensamientos positivos; atrayendo así, energías que nos ayuden alcanzar nuestras metas.

@chbartist nice post.. we have to grab the opportunities and flow with the trend..

OH how I love this :)
I think throughout life we give up or dismiss dreams early because of fear and impatience only to feel regret later on..no matter what area of life is concerned. So note to all hang in there
Awesome post

Opportunities always come to our life..If you missed one unfortunately You can wait for another one and try do best every time..Good advise brother.thanks.