The First Thing You Need to Do Every Morning to Reprogram Your Mind...

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Hi Steeamians! How are you all?

A post to start a beautiful week!

The very first moments of the day determine how it will work out. It is a certifiable claim that our first thoughts from the moment we open our eyes and regain consciousness can make the difference between a terrible day and a productive one.

We have already discussed the pitfalls and traps of early morning and how they can affect your day. For instance, if you wake up to your phone and the endless noise of social media and the things that have happened since you were asleep, you have not been wise on the manner with which you have started your day.

But let us imagine that we have successfully cast out the distractions and the harmful elements of the environment. The question is: How should we actually start our day?

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There are a number of answers to that question and most of them will do your life good. Someone might suggest that the very first thing you should do is go out and exercise for a while. Some would say that taking a shower can really help you get out of the alluring magnet of your bed and set your mind straight for the rest of the day. A lot of people prefer the trustworthy company of coffee to begin their day.

While all of these are decent in their own right, there is a powerful secret as to how we can start our day. The next time you open your eyes in the morning, and decide to actually get out of bed and wash your face, come back to the spot from which you opened your eyes, take hold of a piece of paper and a pen, and write down the things that you want to achieve in life.

That might seem like a bizarre idea, but I am actually suggesting that the very first thing you should do in the morning is writing down your goals and dreams.

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As I have said before, writing down your dreams and desires gives them a certain sense of reality. When you write your ideas down, they no longer belong just within the boundaries of your mind, but will actually see the light of reality in the face of a paper. That idea is no longer just an idea, but a solid thought that you can take a look at every day.

That thought will no longer be something that you can forget. For who could deny that our minds are deceptive and forgetful?

By making a habit out of writing your goals down as the first thing you commit to in the morning, you are inadvertently shouting out a war cry at the universe saying that you will commit to realizing that goal and dream for the rest of the day.

No distractions of any kind, including chores and other relentless responsibilities of our everyday social life, can possibly get in the way of your movement towards achieving that goal.

You will find it difficult to even forget that goal. That dedication and commitment will carry you for the rest of the day. What could be better than knowing that when you wake up every day, it is not just to live a life of conformity and ordinariness, but it is to reach out for the stars and bring the things that you have always wanted into reality.

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This is indeed a romantic notion. You might even be starting to think that it is not a terrible idea. That this could actually help you and become a useful habit in your everyday life.

You are right. But who is actually willing to take that step and create that habit? After all, you know what they say; everything is easier said than done.

Would you be willing to take such a small but not insignificant step towards realizing your dreams?




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Thanks All of You!!!!


Coffee is the key!

Es muy interesante la idea de escribir las metas en ese momento.

Pero mas interesante es la idea de los efectos como por ejemplo que cualquier obstáculo que se presente no sera capaz de torpedear la idea del objetivo planteado.

Entre otras cosas como lo de que la meta se separa para avanzar.


Absolutely right, we would definitely like to try our daily routine notes on a paper and if we continue to note the procedure for it all day and implement it, then we can spend the entire day very easily.

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How busy we dawn daily! We wake up almost without breathing, we jump out of bed and the first thing we do is turn on the computer, TV and watch the cell phone. It is as if we had missed something very important while we were sleeping. We drink coffee, have breakfast, in front of a screen, without tasting, without thanking, without living, without realizing the person next to us. I consider your exercise pertinent. Normally there is a booklet and a pencil next to my bed but to copy the other dreams, those that we have while we sleep. But to write down the other dreams, our goals, seems to me that will help us not to deviate, to focus. As if it were your pending task, the one that you must do daily. I assume that challenge! A better and blessed week for you, @chbartist

This is an incredible post, everything you said @chbartist is right...

I´m taking your post like a huge class for me, everything in your post are teaching me how my life is running ...

Everyday when I woke up I always say thank you because I have one more day alive and I try to be creative..

The most exiting thing we can do after wake up could be talk a little bit we our family, because they are always there together with us..

Let me add something more please::
We can actually speak with people that we don´t know, I´m sure if we immerse with more people we can improve our life´and we actually can be better with others...

Goals, health, motivation, work ... Everything is really important...

Good words or bad words change our life´for a good o bad one, but always inside of us is changing everyday...

As you said, we can try to do every morning write a simple line, an important line we wish stronger....

Some people think in money or work...!!!

I´m sure money is a second step, it is not too important, it is essential for things we need but....:

We are here in this world for something more than be reach...!!!

During my schooling days, i used to schedule my studies for the following week. And i did this for an entire year. i will allot a hour for each subject with necessary breaks in between. i met with 70-30 success, that little failure was also because of my complacency and as a result of it ended up with a huge disappointment in my life. If I would have pumped in a little bit focused effort, success would have been my address. Better late than never, i am going to follow this strategy to the core NOW! So, if followed sincerely, this mind reprogramming is sure to reap good results. Thank you @chbartist for this invaluable blog!

I actually follow the same thing but in slightly different way. I usually every morning discuss with my girlfriend that what all task she will do and what are mine, usually our work load is same due to same field. Just instead of writing, we discuss!
That's damn productive! Keep up with such good content.

Every morning is a new start of the day. I always prepare a worklist for the day in the morning time and i always find myself more productive. Because i feel and energetic and positive which makes me feel good and it shows positive results in work. I was bit busy in weekend and didn't get time to go though your weekend posts so reading your posts now dear @chbartist as I can't skip any post. I know I am slightly late to read and comment but i think that's ok as I am not skipping any post. Thanks for the post.

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Very good post, sir and I will try to follow the instructions given to you and, thank you for sharing.Have a Nice Day

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I typically have the pen and pad next to me to write down ideas and thoughts for the day but this seems like a great routine to get used to. I will give it a go as there is no reason not to try it! Thanks for sharing!

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I like the idea, makes sense. Gotta keep a pen and paper near by.

Another great post, you are absolutely right. Sir, before we sleep at night, we think about the next day that what we have to do?. But now I will wake up after washing my mouth and then come to the same place and take the pen cut and prepare for the next program according to your instructions.

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After reading this article, finally I have my own formula and I call it by 3C (Community, Creativity and Content).

  1. Community must be concerned because they are important place and basic grassroot for growing up.
  2. Creativity is the our proove of success from community development.
  3. Content is something that is abandoned for the our future and useful.

Thanks for sharing it sir @chbartist. God bless you

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Your knowledge is extraordinary about social, sir.

I underline, I was very impressed & impressed reading all the paragraphs from this review.

Continue to give the best for all of us.

I am amazed, sir.

It is like declaring what you want, the power of the declaration is very real, what we declare that sooner or later is fulfilled ... and it is true that it is a very small task, but that many times we overlook ... Happy start of week

Well said sir every day become great if we do all the things systematically. We have to make a list for the full day work so we can do all the things properly. If we do this then we can finish our daily work well in time and we are able to achieve out gola in time.

Writing down your dreams or goals is really a great idea because after that these things are not just in your mind these are part of your daily routine. We have to read these written goals daily so we can be successful.

As usual thanks allot for this awesome article

Dear @chbartist sir
The beginning of the day should always be done with a new positive thinking for a new purpose. Because the back page will be rotated when the page is reversed and left behind. Our morning positive thinking should start with a cup of coffee or a good idea that will take our dedication and commitment to the rest of the day. Those who will be committed to achieving our goals and dreams in the rest of the day. Believe it not only will you advance to the path of success but also be an inspiration source for other people.

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Dear @chbartist Sir,

First things first. Please pardon me Sir for posting this unrelated comment. Sir, for the past few days, I have been encountering a problem in Steemit. I was unable to post more than two comments/blogs If I tried to make any other post/comment, I will get a message “You’ve run out of Resource credits” and at the bottom “Buy Steem Power”. I don’t know what to do. Please please help me, Sir.

Steemit failure msg.png

You have to wait for your resource credit to recharge. I'm not too conversant with the details but every account has a limited amount of resource credit depending on your STEEM POWER or reputation(I guess). Wait for some time for it to recharge. Whilst you're waiting for it to recharge, prepare your next blog post. Cheers
Ps: the resource credit limits the amount of activity each member can undergo or carry out in the platform. Once you exhaust your RC, you won't be able to carry out any activity.
Consider this, the RC is analogous to energy. So RC is the ability to comment and make blog post.
Cheers again. Hope this helps

You need buy steems first and after that make power up to increase your limit to comment and vote.

Thank you very much @chbartist Sir for your kind response and advice. Will do as you said Sir.

It will take almost 5 days to recover 100% of resource credit in your account. Every account has a limit to comment and vote and it matters a lot if you have less steem power. Hope it answers your your query. See this snapshot of your account.

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@alokkumar ji, first please pardon me for this late response. But your response is very timely and supportive and it helped me a lot. Thank you very much ji.

That is a great tip. I will try it. Thank you

Often, we forget our main goals. And worse, we will remove priority to devote to other goals that are less important, but apparently urgent.

I think your method is very successful. My suggestion is that we assign priority to those goals

I do not write down my dreams that way. but yes, I do write the shot time goals and tasks. Not always on pen and paper but sometimes on notepad.
Your idea giving me the desire to give it a try.
Thanks for the idea.

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Hi @chbartist

I recently started doing this and discovered that the results are immense. This I am also inspiring my students to do it.


Is a post on how I do it.

The greatest challenge in this I feel is keeping up the consistency of this. Then I American across your post regarding consistency. I was a real boost for me.

Thank you

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You're right. I try to write a to do list every day. It leads me through a day :)

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It will be the first thing I do the next time I wake up!
Have a wonderful day and thank you for being helpful!

Regards, @chbartist... I usually read my long terms goals each morning and try to have clear which are the tasks to do each day. Whatever, write our dreams in a paper in order to read it when we wake up is a brilliant way to reprogramming us and begin a new and beautiful day...!

Every morning I write this...
Food thank you because you make me stronger and healthier
Air thank you because my body still alive because of you
Health thank you

@chbartist every morning like a new life and we had to forget our past means yesterday and start a new life . It must be preplanned. Always Start your new journey with a smile but generally we think about future and it get us perplexion. We should believe on ourselves and keep progressing journey. @ankitjnv

Makes a lot sense to me.

Another very much useful information possessing post! Sometimes ago I watched I video of a military man addressing a gathering in which he mentioned we must do the first thing when we get up,is to set our bed.which will be the first task done of the day and which will motivate us to do more and more in the rest of our day. So the point is we should focus on our daily routine as to work positive and for the betterment of our lives. In today' advance world we are drowning in the sea of technology and the first thing we do in the morning is to check our cell or other electronic devices for the information about our social as well professional life.
We should focus on our mental health too and should exercise for a while when we get up and then after taking a shower we should do an energetic breakfast which will prepare us for the rest of the day.
Overall a good topic to discuss!

Writing down your goals and daily dreams are an absolutely important thing to keep telling each other...but I think back to a day when I actually saw my granddaddy wake up earlier than me and my brother on a cruise ship.

We were actually believing that we'd be in the small minority of people that woke up at 5:30am in Bermuda to prepare for the sunrise. We had a plan to get off the cruise ship and climb the tallest hill on the Bermuda island.

We're about to go through the gateway of the ship and I look up at the top deck to see how many people are up and watching.....I scan for about 10 seconds to find about 2 people awake and 1 of those people is my grandfather. I point it out to my brother and we wave and he already knows that we're there.

I have had the pleasure of knowing this man and I know for a fact he was not only aware but in that planning phase that you write about. I see the importance of mapping a trajectory for your future moments. I would only add that you don't lose sight of the actual moment right in front of you!

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Where do you get all your inspirations from @chbartist

Pretty much every single post you create is attracting my full attention. You have real writting skills. I've been reading many blogs and you're clearly outstanding.

I am actually suggesting that the very first thing you should do in the morning is writing down your goals and dreams.

Why every day?
Wouldn't you think that very soon people would start repelating themsels? Especially if they would not look for "new" goals and stick to old ones?


Where do you get all your inspirations from @chbartist

Pretty much every single post you create is attracting my full attention. You have real writting skills. I've been reading many blogs and you're clearly outstanding.

I am actually suggesting that the very first thing you should do in the morning is writing down your goals and dreams.

Why every day?
Wouldn't you think that very soon people would start repelating themsels? Especially if they would not look for "new" goals and stick to old ones?


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Excellent post! It is always good to keep a record of what you have to perform on the day, but at times we tend to forget to do whatever we have noted down due to busy schedules or unplanned activities of the day. In that case you'll always need a proper time management where you'll have to prioritize all the things and do accordingly.
Wishing all a great week ahead!