You Either Learn from Your Flaws or Succumb to Their Weakness!

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Hi, dear friends!

There is little need to be sad or angry about doing something wrong or experiencing a failure, whether it is on a personal level or a professional one.

Our attitude towards our characteristic flaws is that we either learn from them and move on or succumb to their weakness and open the gates of our hearts and minds to other flaws of the same nature.

What you decide with each flaw will inevitably decide your fate in this world…!

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Whether we want to admit it or not, vanity plays a huge role in our daily life. We are all bound by our sense of inner pride.

That is why we find it difficult to admit that we are wrong or that we are not well-learned about a particular subject.

That is why we find it difficult to apologize when we know that we have hurt other people and their feelings.

That is why we find it difficult to assume responsibility where our assistance plays a huge role in the turning of the events.

Humans are proud… and as a result, they are prone to making many mistakes throughout their lives.

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You will constantly lose at every given opportunity in your life if you are not willing to learn from your flaws or even acknowledge their existence.

There are essentially two types of people when it comes to our characteristic flaws; those who acknowledge them and take steps to counter their flaw, and those who are too proud to do anything about them.

People who succumb to the weakness of their flaws breed other flaws of the same nature… after a while, they find themselves living in a hell of their own making.

At the end of the day, which mentality do you think is going to prevail against the hardships of the life?

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In my many years of experience, I have realized one thing…

It is admirable to create new productive habits, but generally speaking, successful people are those who fight against their bad habits and eliminate their flaws.

If you do not embrace that mentality, then you are doomed to live with your flaws and allow them to slow you down in every step of the journey.

Resist the temptation of your pride and fight back against your flaws if you wish to live a healthy and prosperous life!



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Dear @chbartist,
thank you for sharing your experiences in your useful blog.

What is your idea about this image?
Amazing process of our brain work!!!
I guess, producers like you may do similar magic to our ears!

amigo @chbartist totalmente de acuerdo contigo, el orgullo es el enemigo silencio que tenemos muchas veces dentro y debemos vencerlo porque de lo contrario estaremos chocando constantemente con la pared, me gusto mucho que a través de este post nos incita a abrazar una mentalidad positiva, aquella que es capaz de meditar en lo sucedido y aprender de ella, muy buena enseñanza maestro.

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Good experience sharing Sir proper

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Greetings @chbartist

In what you indicate below is the essence of this publication,

Es admirable crear nuevos hábitos productivos, pero en general, las personas exitosas son aquellas que luchan contra sus malos hábitos y eliminan sus defectos.

In this sense, we must focus our energies on correcting our bad habits or failures, otherwise what we are going to generate is an ornament cover on a set of defects, an inefficient situation.

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