Retired with his mistress staged an unusual DEP in Duisburg

in #mindset2 years ago

the big trip of two lovers in Duisburg (North Rhine-Westphalia) ended with an unusual incident. 70-year-old man was driving along his co З4-year-old girlfriend driving ee green Audi. Apparently, during the movement of the couple could not resist the desire for physical intimacy. As a result, everything ended quite predictably, namely a traffic accident in the middle of the intersection. The Audi driver crashed into a car Hyundai, driving which was a 5-year-old woman. Fortunately, no one was injured in the accident. However, for the police officers who arrived at the scene, the incident looked quite strange. The patrol did not understand why the Audi driver has not missed Huundai. Ha question: "Who was driving?"the couple gave conflicting answers. Finally, the woman admitted what was really. According to her, they had sexual intercourse while driving. The woman sat on the lap of the partner, a steering, shifting and pressing the speed pedals and brakes they distributed for two. By the way it appeared that neither the pensioner, nor his girlfriend has no driver's license.