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RE: Ask Not What Steemit/Steem Can do For You; Ask What You Can do For Steemit/Steem - What Are Your Expectations For 2019?

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Good morning and happy new year 2019,

I agree with you on several things, of which you mention in your publication, certainly, if we have not made a plan and you have set real and achievable goals, it is unlikely that you will achieve something different from what you currently have.

Faith in God moves mountains, but we must help God give us the things we need.

Talk about the crisis and, perhaps, do not imagine the multiple activities, strategies and opportunities that in my country Venezuela we have carried out to try to earn money and survive in this crisis that affects us.

I ask God that it really is as you say and that the price of steem will increase its value, I hope you can have the ability to progressively acquire steem and have them as a way to save, for when your price increases.



Definitely, God is with Venezuelas even in the midst of the crises.. Remember, "Everything Works, together For the Good of those Who Loved God and Are Called According To His Purpose"

Wishing @raefelj25 the very bests of 2019!!

Hi @rafaelj25 It's no use focusing on the problem and complaining about your country, there will always be a problem anywhere in the world. What makes the difference is people's Mindset. Read the post again and I'm sure you have a lot of information that might not have been picked up by you. Please pay attention and read post again. Your Mindset You'll find the answer if you're focused. Happy New Year