Calling my Bluff – Monday Motivation

in #mindset2 years ago (edited)

The alarm woke me at 7am.

“I wish we weren't headed to work” was my first thought.

Achy and stiff, I got out of bed and started making coffee.

I reminded myself to be grateful for even having work. I don't HAVE to do anything, I GET to do this.


Drinking my coffee, I thought “What would I write about if I stayed home?”

“Continue and finish What festivals and Shows mean to me” was the first idea that popped up.

It’s a commissioned blog post for BusLifeAdventure that I’ve been working on since February.

My mind had me think that if I was not heading to work, it would cooperate with me to edit and complete it. It would stop being lazy and actually will itself into working on it.


“IF ONLY we could stay home today, we would be so PRODUCTIVE!” My mind teased me.

When my brain knew we were headed to work at the nursery and had no time to work on that piece, it was easy to believe and delude myself into thinking we would do that.

So ridiculous is my mind, that all day at the nursery, it would taunt me with the idea that we could be at home right now, enjoying it much better there, sitting on the couch and writing instead of being in the dirt picking weeds.



Waiting on my roommate/co-worker to come out, I stood around looking through Instagram, when 8:30, our time to leave, became 8:40, 8:50.

His wife walked out of the house and told me that Dave was sick. We weren't going to nursery today.

“Ok. Hope he feels better throughout the day.” I told her.

So, here we are

My wishful thinking became my reality. I woke up in a negative mood, not wanting to leave my home for work. So here we are.

Now that I’m actually staying home, and do have the time to invest into writing, GUESS WHAT?!

My brain doesn't want to cooperate after all!


It wants to scroll through Instagram instead. It wants to read twitter headlines but not the actual stories. It wants to watch a movie and eat crappy food. It wants to do anything easy and entertaining, and not work on the article.

I now have all day available to myself, to do whatever I want. Do I dare call my bluff?

What is it that I want to accomplish with my life?

An elderly gentleman once told me “get paid for your head, not your back.”


Do I want to wake up in a negative mood every day, hoping I was not headed to work, wishing for things to be different?

Or do I want to wake up everyday excited for what’s ahead?

I called my bluff!

When asking myself honestly, “What do I want to do if I had the time to do it?”

The answer was “Finish what you started.”

I opened the laptop and began writing. I owe it to myself to do what I want to do.

I wrote this little post and “What Festivals and Shows mean to me” will be posted tomorrow.

You can make your day be anything you want it to be.

Make it a wonderful monday, everyone!