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RE: What Happens to Your Dream After Your Death?

in #mindset2 years ago

Hi friends, i'm new in the community i have yet to post my first contribution, however i couldn't help myself to post a reply to this interesting article.

There was a spanish philosopher, Miguel de Unamuno, he used to say something like : don't sell me tricks, i want real inmortality, bulge inmortality not shades of inmortality (i'm thinking about the idea that we can live in our legacy after we die)
In other words, when we die it's all over, there's nothing left for the dead in this world, who knows what happens.
Dreams should be motivators to help us become better, to improve ourselfs, love should work that way too, but i think you should never lose the chance to enjoy your precious present for the sake of leaving a worthy legacy, it's just useless.
Thank you, great post.