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They leave excursion away from school from home of this way if something happened then we know where they can be too when we take our walks pets there are times that we go for walks long and our pet is lost or goes in the distance and we don't know where it is then this way we can locate her much faster than if we are looking for the crazy one environment and we can also use mini gps tracker to locate our vehicles in the case of theft or that we have forgotten as sometimes well where have we parked yesterday we can leave the device continuously connected to the power supply via micro usb we have an infinite autonomy that What happens that this way we have it at the sight of the thieves a tip well we can put in a part of the hidden car and with this source of power this power supply where the description left a link also so you can see that we will put positive and negative here allows input between 6 and 26 volts and a 5 outlet with 2 volts and 3 amps of current in this way we can hide our gps locator in any part of the vehicle and without risk that robbers detect that we have a tracker on and how this gps locator works well even if you see here what gps says they are not really gps locator because does not have electronics to receive the signs of the constellation of chad .

Waterproof GPS Tracker with Inbuilt Battery For All Bikes

The gps as others have what it uses is a mathematical algorithm that serves to make triangulation between the signals of the mobile antennas you have at your around that is to say is receiving the signal and the power of each of the mobile antennas and what it is doing is a triangulation then instead of have an error of 520 meters which is what you could have a gps system going to get a few major errors on the subject positioning because it uses a different system and therefore it is a low cost device because because they have saved part of that electronics to lower the price and by cons Well, we are going to have a lower precision how much less precision we are going to give the examples let's imagine that we are in london where we are surrounded by cell phone antennas because it is a city with a high density of population and we can receive signals from several mobile phone antennas per example right now we would be receiving the signal from <Mini Tracker/a>.

Here so long awaited f21 guide dad well i've seen mini performances A8 from gf-07 see my other videos above where I talk about the other models and today we are going to present the f21 guide and before proceeding with the video I just I did think that subscribe to the channel is very important that helps the channel grow EA continue with this type of content and I answer show here New products Interesting products and explain.