It's Too Hot to Mine

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I have two RX 570s and all winter I mined away. These are on my working computer so they sit right in front of my shins.

I collected a bit of Electroneum (ETN) and then mostly mined Ethereum (ETH).

I tried mining Pascal (PASC) along with Ethereum but then realized it was only on one exchange (Polo') and I have a hard time with the KYC for Polo so... maybe I will mine it again sometime.

My legs started burning sitting here on the computer with the cards blasting their heat so I had to turn the miner off. It heats up the whole room so moving the PC really isn't something I can do at the moment.

I miss mining though!

Contemplating turning down the intensity.

Anyone out there "small rig" mining this summer?
How do you deal?

Miner Smurf from Smurfs.Wikia

Find me on Twitter if you want to stay in touch
Thank you so much for reading!


It isn't real mining, but the eletroneum app is mega small scale. Our kitchen/dining room has been turned in to a long hair trap hazard as @johngreenfield moves fans around to keep the laptop beast cool while it is mining, but due to a few hair ripping tangles, I am not sure I can advocate the fan approach lol - oh wait. I know! Icecream, all the icecream!

That is the BEST solution I've ever heard! You're a genius!! haha
Does he still mine ETN? That's dedication. Now iI feel like I should go mine some I feel a bit guilty lol

Hmmm he may only do that on the app, I think he has been doing something to get STEEM recently, I struggle to keep up lol

I mined electroneum this winter but I stopped for the summer but I'm using my regular PC to mine. Video card is not the best so it's not really worth it. Would be nice to build me a nice mining rig

Mining is a winter thing for me I guess, too. I miss the extra money. It wasn't a lot but enough to be able to rationalize a $15/mo gaming sub, or some other kind of small luxury.

I always HODL :o I need to just be a crypto millionaire already. Looks like you're on the same boat :P

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