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Mining is one of the core aspects of PoW cryptocurrencies. With the development of technology, now it is really hard and illogical to mine Bitcoin, Ethereum from CPU. Now, there are ASICs for that and in order to get a good revenue, you need to invest a high amount of money.

On the other hand, there are some solid projects that can be mined with only CPUs. That means, you can easily mine from your own computer. Today, I would like to share some of them.

1- Cryply (CRP)

“CRYPLY (CRP) is a true cryptocurrency and payment system for daily payments, with fast transactions and zero fees. Everyone can mine CRYPLY [CRP] on own home computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone using the processor (CPU). CRYPLY [CRP] uses ASIC-protected, GPU-protected algorithm YesPoWer. CRYPLY [CRP] has a global valueprovided with media products, goods and services created inside and outside the Cryply community, in any country of the world and at any time. “

2- Arinoum (ARO)

“Arionum offers a secure electronic payments system that makes it easy to integrate with new and existing PHP applications. Web developers who already understand PHP can easily build new blockchain based applications or integrate Arionum into their existing applications."

"Arionum is able to autoscale without degraded performance. It offers a fixed 0.25% fee on all transactions (max 10 ARO) and has a dynamic transaction limit per block allowing it to keep up with a growing number of transactions. Arionum has no pre-mined coins, an 8-year mining period, no developer fees, and a unique HYBRID mining system that shares rewards with CPU miners, GPU miners, and masternodes.”

3- Veco (VECO)

“Veco coin is an innovative cryptocurrency that uses YescriptR32, an egalitarian Proof-of-Work (PoW) algorithm that enables coins to be mined by anyone using standard normal computing hardware, ensuring true decentralisation of the blockchain network. Veco can be mined with GPUs, but CPU mining is more efficient.“


“NERVA is an untraceable and secure cryptocurrency aiming to be GPU and ASIC resistant via the new Cryptonight Adaptive POW algorithm.”

5- Elicoin (ELI)

“Everyone can mine Elicoin on their own computer's CPU thanks to YescryptR16 hashing algorithm. CPU mining of this coin is more effective than GPU mining.”




Good job man . I was just looking for it.
I am now aware of this. Thank you .

Thank you sir for introducing so many cryptos for the crypto lovers. community is growing rapidly. We just have to analyse the projects behind all these cryptos deeply before choosing the good ones.And who knows some may give huge profit in near future... Thanks again ... best of luck

Thank you for your comment...

I didn't know there were CPU only mining coins in market. Nice information! I wonder how much can you get from 1 PC.

Actually it depends on your computer. Just try to do it and check your hashrate. Some of them are also new coins, so you can get a nice hashrate.