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RE: Understand Cloud Mining & learn how to make easy money!

in #mining5 years ago

It looks quite interesting. I'm currently mining on my own machine with a gtx 1070. With some alt-coins (Digibyte, ZEC) I make between 6$ - 9$ a day. A comparable mining contract is about 800$ for 2 years. I find it a bit daunting.

I was thinking of buying a mining rig, since I bought my computer to game not to mine. But the investment is about similar to a mining contract..

Thanks for sharing


I am running 2 1070s and mostly equihash and hashimoto am pulling 8-10 a day

Good info to have. Thanks for sharing that :)

Thank for commenting. Always interesting to learn more about the 'real' mining world. Cloud mining feels quite disconnected in a way.

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