How much Steem Can I Earn Day 9/365

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It's been a little over a week since I started this journey and since then, I've been mining, autovoting, and earning steem anyway I can.

I am starting to see a residual flow of curation rewards coming in as of now it tends to be between 0.01 and 0.02 steem power per day. I also am starting to receive rewards back on author postings which seems to be the most ideal way to increase steem earnings.

I tested 100% steem power vs 50/50 SBD/steem power and the 50/50 option is your best payout setting. With the application that I use to auto sell my votes, I earn about 0.18 SBD per day. The strategy is that I use the SBD I collect to upvote my post 50/50 using some legitimate upvote bots. In 7 days I receive a payout from the author posting and receive all of my SBD back + steem power. I then have the SBD stack with the daily earned SBD and slowly add to how much my author rewards will be.

Example: I post and send $1 SBD to a voting bot

... The voting bot votes me for $2 SBD split 50/50

... I receive $1 SBD back and 0.4 Steem Power

... I create another post an this time send $1.20 SBD to a voting bot

... So on and So forth.

Anyway up nearly 15 Steem in 9 days so that's promising. My goal is $1000 SBD and I am currently at 15% of that lol

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