free 100ghs cloud mining power for 30 days

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Hello guys whats up?
Today I'm gonna be talking about E&E mining site and his cloud mining service.
This site is new and currently offering free 100GHs of cloud mining power free to its users for 30 days.
currently this site supports mining of : Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE) Ethereum (ETH), Zcash (ZEC).

In this pic you can see currently I'm mining dogecoin on it and absolutely free.
Screenshot (178).png

You will be earning approximately
Income per month: ~3.15005122 USD
Income per day: ~0.10500171 USD

Its low but you can make big from its referral program as you receive 10% of the profits of your referrals.

let me walk you through the registration process

step 1: open the website (its up to you can open it directly also )

step2: Provide your email address Screenshot (179).png

Step3: Now you need to fill the following form
Screenshot (181).png
enter username, your email, set password and you are good to go.
step4: verify your email.
step5:after verifying login to the site and start mining any coin.

Note: make sure that you don't register with multi account from same ip address as they will delete all your accounts and you will lost your earnings.


Good post. If you can create a Free Podcast and post it so that you will get lot more listeners and achieve your goal. Thanks

Yeah .. thanks. I will make a video on it ...


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